Hostess may shut down

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i always thought it funny how big companies claim they are broke, so they have to fire workers, cut hours, reduce pay, or get rid of benefits. but they always seem to find a way to pay the ceo's and execs their 6 to 8 figure bonuses, how do they do it??
Originally Posted by thelio
The little company I work for did exactly that this year, though the benefits were probably in the high 4 and 5 figures.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
In this case, I'm blaming the management, not the union. Why do workers have to keep getting pushed aside for the rich to get richer.
I am 41 and have been working in the private industry since I was 22. Saving to my 401k every year ( except 5 years I did not work).
What is in my 401k? Nothing great. There is no way I am going to retire on that money. I have only saved about 10k in the last 5 years. My salary is lower than it was 10 years ago.
Would I love to be in a union? Heck yes! In fact, I am doing everything I can to be in one. I am going back to school to get a teaching job. Unions have people to advocate for them. That is unheard of at the companies I have worked for. I get my miserly salary and another miserly 2 weeks vacation, health benefits ( with a 1200 deductible) and no sick days.
Who complains for me? No one.
Is the company doing well and growing? YES! that is what eats me up the most. Ah, in case you were wondering I have a Master's degree, its not unskilled labor I do. The company owners are super rich.
Any unskilled laborer with retirement benefits should thank their lucky stars.
I really don't know how I am going to live when I get older. SS isn't going to be enough, that is why I am trying to get into a situation where at least I will be able to have another income.
Look at Costco:

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The CEO has to withstand constant pressure from Wall Street to screw over his employees. And his case is considered unusual and noteworthy! Sad.

This is what everyday people are up against: unmitigated greed.

Are unions perfect? No. But workers need to be organized to hold fast against greedy ****s who would otherwise steal their money and threaten their futures.

Now those truck drivers can only collect their retirement if they don't do anything they were trained to do, make less than x amount of money per year, etc. And it will only get paid into if they get a job with a company that has the same union, otherwise it's starting from scratch.
Originally Posted by SeasideCurls
Wow, this is really bad but I guess that makes sense as nothing's free.
im neither pro-union nor anti-business. a company's main objective is to make money and cutting salaries and pensions make money thus the bonuses to the CEO's. a company can choose what an employee makes just as a worker can choose whether to work there. what i object are the muriad of ways big business can lobby politicians to create loopholes or by-pass regulations to their advantage. and to top this they've managed to create the image that the workers are the greedy ones.
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