What would you name your daughter or son if you had one?

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I named my son 27 years ago when he was born and I called him "Michael-Lionel". I am French, so it sounds like "Mee-ca-elle- Lee-on-nelle". The name means "Who is close unto God, with the strength of a lion". Meaning meant a lot to me (and at the time I had a crush on Lionel Richie, lol!)

He also has a secret name, that only he and I know. According to Gypsy tradition (his father was Hungarian/Gypsy), I whispered it in his ear when he was born, so no one could own his spirit or rule him but him.

If I had ever had a girl, I would have called her "Elysee" - pronounced "Elle-ee-zay" in French. That's it! lol!
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Heh, my dad's name is Victor. Manuel is the middle name shared by him, my brother, and now my nephew.
You can use Isaac no problem in Spanish. Or Aaron. I like Adan, too.
I also like Soledad and Celeste. In the not so great in Spanish category is Vivienne.
Originally Posted by Saria
I just realized my FIL's name is Victor Manuel

I also like Giuseppe or Paolo for a boy and Russian names for girls... Natasha, Anastasia, Karina, etc.
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Girl: Alice, India or Vivan (pronounced vee-VON)
Boy: Jesse

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Girl: Skyler, Summer, or Fiona

Boy: Nolan or Kellan
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
I love Summer and Fiona!
- Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
- Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.
I like pronounceable names that aren't too common. Before I ever name a kid, I'll do a lot of research to make sure the name hasn't had a surge of popularity. I love Ava for a girl, but it's gotten super popular. Oh well. I done understand all the moms of a Hailey, Madison, Emma, or Olivia who seem surprised when their daughter is one of 4 in the class with the same name. All if would have taken is a quick google search! I guess my point is that I don't think names can be picked in a vacuum.

For girls right now I like Rae, Mae, Raina, Sky, and Skyla.
For boys I like Mason and Bennett.
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if i adopted a little girl : Athena Alexadria Rae
if I adopted a boy: I got nothing. No clue. Never thought of a boy's name.
If I'd had a daughter, she'd have been Alina Casey.

Alina=my great grandmother from Finland
Casey=my mom's maiden name.
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... all the moms of a Hailey, Madison, Emma, or Olivia who seem surprised when their daughter is one of 4 in the class with the same name.
Originally Posted by Who Me?
i know what you mean....

doing the Holiday Swap, i'm getting a giggle out of the number of Sara(h)s and Jennifers we have here!!!

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If I had a little girl, I'd name her Evangeline
Originally Posted by Trenell
Me tooooooo or vivienne

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Kennedy for a girl

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I like the idea of giving my child a family name of some sort, or at least something that has sentimental value. My great-grandmother's name was Josephine, which I think is a lovely, timeless name. I'd be good with naming my daughter that. Plus, it's got lots of nickname possibilities, which is a nice option. A few others I like:


I once met as woman named Marie-Eve (pronounced the French way), which I've always thought was a nice name.

Boys names are no fun, so I don't think about them very often. But someone I know just named their son Oliver... I love that name! So classy!

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If I had another...
Isabel, Linnea, Leia, Skye
Isaiah, Daniel
When my son is born I will name him Niris
Issabella are Guineviere for girls.Hunter are Jacob for boys

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Auryon Elizabeth for a girl (I'd have to keep the family tradition of the middle name being Elizabeth, and I like that name).

Boy... um... I have no flippin clue!
When I have kids I like

Elena or Aliena


But I may change my mind by the time I am ready to have kids.
Its funny BC the names I so thoughtfully choose go out the window at about 8 months pregnant.

I wanted - the first time:
I ended up choosing Bailey.

The second:
I ended up choosing Bella.

If either were a boy it was going to be Benjamin.

Now I like:



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