Black Friday

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Are stores actually open tonight, or are people just getting them ready?

Either way, it's ridiculous
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There's gotta be a few people around here that are going?


My neighbor asked if I wanted to go to Macy's with her at midnight and I gave her a look that said "You must be outta yer damn mind.", then when I asked her what she was getting..."A housecoat for mom." and it was that moment I told her she was crazy. I think she's reconsidered going.

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I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.
my brothers friend went and got a 60 in flat screen.

That's all that I know.
I got my dad's tv. it was crowded, but the people weren't horrible. my dad's got his 40 in tellie! but dont tell him! its hiding in my room until christmas

I do think some of the situations are crazy. we were there at midnight and people had their babies in stollers in pajamas. They should had been sleep in bed, they were go cranking and crying. poor babies just wanted their beds. I havent heard any horror tales yet where anyone was hurt, but its early in the morning and may not have been reported yet. IMO nothing is worth hurting someone or getting hurt yourself. i remember the way folks were acting with tickle me elmo. My parents waited until the next year to get me and my sister one. they were cheaper and no one was trying to kill people for one.

Being abusive to people because you didnt get that tv, game console, or toy shows how messed up some people are in the head. There is nothing at walmart, target, bestbuy, or the mall anyone needs so bad they have to risk harm someone over. i havent heard of any child dying because they didnt get an Xbox or some adult dying because they dont have a flatscreen.folks needs to get their priorites straight. the only reason i went out for the cheap tv was because i was paying it by myself and i cant blow my entire christmas budget on my dad. But if they didnt have the tv, i would had said "oh wow, i just get that 32 in I saw on line for $200" I would had just had to alter my budget for the next couple weeks. ie no going out for dinner. i wouldnt had hurt someone to get it. I didnt need it, I could had got the old man something else for christmas.
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only in the US is there a day of being thankful for all the simple things in life followed immediately by a day where we sometimes murder others to buy everything in sight at low prices
Heh, but also .
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GMA was just showing some trample madness scenes. Cops had to be called once they ran out of TV's..
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I just went shopping for the first time ever on black friday, but I only ran out for a moment while my nephews were still sleeping. I normally refuse to go out on this day. I am not one for fighting crowds in stores BUT a local boutique called me on Tuesday and made me aware of a special sale for preferred customers. I just scored big time!

Merry Christmas to me Everyone else in my family gets gift cards or cash so I can do that later.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

I do some online Black Friday shopping.

Old Navy had scarves hats and gloves for $3 a piece, and fleece pullovers for $5, so I got the girls some of those.

Also Justice had a 40% off plus 20% off sale so I got a couple things from there.

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My husband saw them shrink wrapping the sale items earlier in the day yesterday at Walmart. A woman at a restaurant this morning said people were reaching into the shrink wrap and taking items before their sale time. She said a lot of the 10 pm items had already been taken prior to 10. I think Walmart needs to figure out a better system.

I went to a local dept store at about 8:30 am. The crowds were long gone. There were a couple door busters I wanted for myself and knew they were things that would still be there. I also realized this year I have hardly any presents to buy. Seems strange, though I'm sure I will enjoy having the extra money
Yesterday: A young man got into a fight with me because he didn't understand the "Buy 4 Pairs of Socks for $20" sale. He didn't understand why I couldn't "do him a favor" and sell him two pairs of socks for $10. He doesn't NEED four pairs of socks, damnit! (I didn't lecture him on all the people who don't have legs and don't even NEED socks.)

A girl also got into a fight with a coworker because a shirt was "only" 60% off and the sign was misleading and she thought it should have been 70% off. My goodness, how will she ever go-on? She'll starve now.

I also got hit-on by many guys who were most likely 18-year-olds home for Thanksgiving.
I don't want any electronics this year so I decided to go to the mall. Luckily footlocker is doing something new when it comes to men shoes and big release dates. It's a lottery ticket type of thing. So I was able to walk into footlocker take my time and look at everything without the huge crowd. I ended up ordering a pair of shoes for FULL PRICE. I don't think a single thing I brought today was on sell.
Home depot had giant teddy bears for 30 bucks! and when i say gaint I mean giant!! 55 inches. only one could fit in the cart.
I got two curtain rods, new sheets and pillowcases, 3 throw pillows, 5 candle holders, a bunch of bathroom stuff (storage bins, shower caddy, etc) and ALL the stuff to paint two rooms in my place for under $90! Woohoo for bringing black Friday to Canada lol!
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"Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.
Just going-on record.

Right now, after two 10 hour shifts in a row (once overnight on Thursday and the other 2 to midnight yesterday, with two more 10 hour shifts ahead of me today and tomorrow)...

I really really really hate people.
Retail during the holidays. It'll do that.

Where I work, February is our biggest sales month. But, November and December are always far more stressful because people become super-entitled douchebags during the holidays.
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My sister and I would go to the mall just to watch people. It's really not bad if you have zero expectations and are chill about it (as a shopper, as an employee you have every right to complain :[)

I never really buy anything but this year I bought a new purse because mine is falling apart and a digital watch which I needed badly for my clinical on monday. I suck at documenting treatment times and hopefully this will help.
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I watched an argument between a coworker and a customer yesterday. The coworker was wrong initially, for what she said and how she said it, but the customer...oh my LORD. You would have thought my coworker murdered her entire family from the way she reacted. (Just ridiculous sense of entitlement, which included her yelling that she spent $5000 in that store yesterday and that she was TIRED from having to carry around ALL HER SHOPPING BAGS.)

She then started yelling to the manager of the store that she, "TEACHES KIDS LIKE THAT and knows all about them" (the young salesgirl is black).

Don't let the door hit you on your way-out, lady.

I've worked retail before, but the last time was for the same store and not an outlet like I am now. It was in a slighty snooty plaza, much smaller and much quieter. Before that, I was at Barnes and Noble for years. Both very very different.
^ its the holidays. People get nuts around the holidays.

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There has been a line around the block for the Uggs store since Thursday.

They must be giving away Uggs.

And maybe Ryan Gosling is handing them-out.

It's the only explanation.
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It can't be their looks.
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Kiva! Microfinance works.

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