Jessica Simpson pregnant again.

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I guess a good trainer can get the weight off, no matter how much. And if problem areas remain, that's when you call the plastic surgeon.

35 is considered advanced maternal age.

I guess if they want a big family, they might feel they need to stay busy. Who knows.

Good for them.
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Everyone does carry weight differently and appearances can be very deceiving.

Jessica isn't that tall, which by itself tends to make any weight gain apparent more quickly, but she's also large breasted and looks fairly short-waisted, so any weight gain is going to make her look heavier than someone with smaller breasts and/or a bit longer torso might look.
Originally Posted by WurlyLox
This is me as well.

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My daughter was a dancer in high school, and the school requested body analysis for their dancers, perhaps because of the tendency to bulimia and anorexia in the performers, or maybe it was just to stress the importance of nutrition.

My daughter was told she was overweight because her 5'4" frames was 140 pounds.
Originally Posted by Kitschy
Your daughter is gorgeous, Kitschy. I'm 5'4" too and 140 is my happy weight.

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