Stocking Stuffers!!

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i saw a gun mug last night on Pinterest

Gun Mug | Uncrate

And of course, there is always brass knuckles

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Nothing says "I'm a bada**" like a brass knuckle coffee mug.
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I made elventy billion of these ornaments, just to give out to people I like, and I ended up selling almost all of them!

Tiny cork topped glass vials filled with sand from our Black Sand Beach and a tiny "aged" scroll.

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My boyfriend is a big fan of the show Gold Rush, so I got him this coffee mug as a stocking stuffer:

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I love the tater tot ornaments!!! They are way cuter in person. DS decided they will be his present to his S Dad (Ben, my So) because they ae so awesome.
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Made another mug. This one is for my coworker

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We agreed this chrissie that we wouldnt fill our stockings with any sweets.

So I went overboard esp. with the little one's stocking & now can't fit my gifts in their stockings. So I just hid them in our tree.

My own stocking however is still empty. 😢😢😢💔💔💔
What did Mr. Spring think of the tater tots? Hmmmmmm?
It was SO much fun! He opened them and I told him he'd have to figure out what they were. He looked them over and was really trying hard so I gave him a hint "They go great with ketchup..." and his eyes lit up and he said "TATER TOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He absolutely loves them and he nestled them right into the branches of the tree. He loved the story behind them as well and it will be fun for me to remember every year when I put them on the tree.

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