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What kind of hooks do you recommend? There are so many different kinds, not sure what's the best.

Wholesale Earring Hooks - Buy Cheap Earring Hooks for Jewelry Making

I thought they were sold at Michaels but I can't find them on their website.
Most of the hooks I use are sterling silver because they do not irritate me like others can. As for shape, most of the ones I saw on that link are called French hooks. I use that shape as well as others. I use different shapes for different designs. Use what you like! Look at my online store is Look around for different examples in different stores. There are a million different options to choose from and play around with. Have fun!

Michaels has lots of options in their stores that do not show up online. There are people on Etsy who sell supplies for jewelry making. I buy from some of them as well as craft stores. Prices vary, so shop around.
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