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sinistral55 12-02-2012 12:28 PM

Crocheting question, help me pleeeease
I just finished this beanie:

For the ties, I have to cut 12 strips of yarn, each about a yard long. I guess 6 pieces will end up at each side to braid.

Accompanying the beanie is the only yarn I have left.

1. Will I have enough for a child's scarf??? I haven't cut any for the ties yet.

2. Does anyone have a suggestion for a comparable yarn? (This is Lion Brand 50% wool, 50% acrylic.The label says...gauge for 4" x 4"....13 knitting needles /11 stitches...N-13 crochet hook/10 sc.)

This yarn's been in my stash for a long time and I'm worried that I won't find any more. I'm not happy about spending $$ for more yarn but if I can buy maybe 1-2 balls to stretch this out I think I'll be okay.

Thank you!!!

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goldencurly 12-02-2012 05:04 PM

I'd crochet a chain on each side of the hat for a tie; it'd take way less yarn than that braid. The chains just need to be long enough to tie under the chin with minimal extra.

Or ... stop on the hat altogether and work on the scarf and see how far you can get.

What color is that yarn? name/number? I will look around!!!

ETA: Landscape has been discontinued by Lion Brand and there is NONE on ebay. So...I would suggest finding a similar weight/size of yarn in a coordinating color probably in a solid color and use what you have now to accent the new solid yarn. Maybe do stripes or edging in the multiocolor? I don't know what your pattern is nor how much yarn it calls for.

sinistral55 12-02-2012 05:20 PM

Sososososo whyyyyyyyyy did I go to Ollie's and see oodles of the exact same yarn... :blob4:?

I couldn't believe it! I know I've had this yarn for LEAST 2-3 years. This is downright eerie. Ollie's (if anyone's not familiar with them) is one of those "overruns/overstock" stores like Big Lots and never have the same stuff regularly.

I only bought 3 balls which should be more than enough for the set. I'm just now coming back from the store.

Thank you for your help.

Should I just do half-double-crochets like the hat, back and forth until I get enough length for the scarf? Or do you suggest something else?

goldencurly 12-02-2012 05:25 PM

^^^ AWESOME!! Yes, I'd do the same stitch pattern in rows as wide and long as you want it, if it were me. BTW, I love Ollies!

PS - The wee yarn faeries have smiled upon you :toothy4:

sinistral55 12-02-2012 05:32 PM

I didn't know it was discontinued, natch. I'm beginning to enjoy working with it. That color is Spring Desert.

I had a couple of balls of Summer Fields too, but I ended up ruining those balls on a failed project.

I wish I still had the Summer Fields to make more stuff--the color combo would've made some awesome hats/scarves. This beanie came out well and was easy, too.

I forgot--

I have no pattern for the scarf--I was just going to crochet back and forth (or something) until I had the desired length, then fasten off and add fringes. I just don't know what type of stitch or stitch combo to use to make it pretty. Single crocheting didn't look right or something.

ETA: You replied before I finished my reply....half-double crochets it will be. Thanks! Yes, those faeries were definitely smiling on me! I could'nt believe my eyes when I went in there.

thelio 12-03-2012 09:14 AM

your beenie is so cute! i love hats like that. will you add a little ball on top? i love those balls on top of hats.:blob4:

sinistral55 12-04-2012 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by thelio (Post 2079791)
your beenie is so cute! i love hats like that. will you add a little ball on top? i love those balls on top of hats.:blob4:

Thanks! I was surprised @ how well it came out...

Yes, I plan to put a ball on top; I had thought of a crocheted flower but imo the beanie's too long. I should've stopped a couple of rows. But since it looks more like a stocking cap, I plan on adding a ball on top.

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sinistral55 12-05-2012 07:58 PM

Okay, I'm trying out different stitches for the scarf; doing short rows of HDC's.

I tried just single crochets.....then I tried HDC + one SC.....then I tried just HDCs.

My problem:

The piece keeps 1) curling up and 2) forming a crescent shape.

Will this curling and curving stop once I get enough rows?

Or I need to stop doing short horizontal back-and-forth rows....and try a loooooooong chain then work my HDCs that way?

Thanks in advance!

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goldencurly 12-06-2012 10:30 AM

I don't know the answer to this at all. All of my crochet experience is grannie squares or in the round. I've never crocheted a flat piece. Odd, but true. I googled it and got this:

sinistral55 12-06-2012 08:27 PM

Sorry it took me so long to come back, I've been sick as a dog...

I'm trying the latter one I mentioned--crocheting one looooong chain, then make loooong rows of HDC's.

Even if it curls slightly (doesn't seem like it'll be an issue) I'll still use this method because the "short back-and-forth" rows were entirely too chunky. Because of the bulky yarn.

If I were crocheting this for an adult, I wouldn't mind the bulk. But she's little and also hates a lot of bulk so I think this will work. Maybe 3 rows.

Will post a pic when I'm finished with both pieces! Thanks so much

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