"Don't buy me anything for V-Day."

I'm 38 and my dad still sends me a card with a $20 bill in it

My hubby and I usually just do cards, but I've been having a rough couple of months. Today I got home and there was an early V-Day present that UPS left on the porch. He ordered me some amazing chocolates from my favorite chocolate place. He's out of town this weekend. I called and told him I got it and he said he knew I needed something to cheer me up this year.
ACK! Where did you find that? That's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.
Originally Posted by babywavy
It's from Tiffany's, just like the understated necklace Mayim wanted. I decided to find the most outrageous piece of jewelry they had on the site a while ago, out of boredom. There's actually a more outrageous one--it's another engagement ring that's in the form of two bees grasping a round diamond, but I think it's kind of weird looking. The ring I posted is supposed to resemble a flower bud from the side. The URL is huge, but it's at the Tiffany's US site. Go to "diamonds," "engagement rings," "Schlumberger." You'll find the bee one there, too. The side views are only in the "enlarged view."

"Priced from $24,300," if you ever want to renew your vows
Yes, I mean it, at least as far as a gift, flowers, candy, etc, go. I do expect a card and always get him one. I think at least knowing you are "thought of" is nice. Believe me after so many years there just isn't a lot to buy that you really need or want.
We usually get each other cards, but no flowers or anything like that. We both love a particular brand of chocolates, so sometimes we buy that and share it. My FIL always gets me a small box of chocolates and a card. I think it's sweet that he does this.
Yes, I mean it. Hubby has bad taste in jewelry and I don't do chocolate.

I also don't want a card. Two years ago, my husband got me a card and I made the fatal error or just reading his message. Apparently, he spent a lot of time picking out the card that best expressed his feelings and he was crushed when I didn't read it.
Originally Posted by medussa
Ha! My husband buys a card just because he feels he should, and although he picks out good ones, he doesn't even SIGN them most of the times, much less write a message, so it doesn't mean that much at all.

And as far as the original topic, I mean it too. V-day is not that important to me.
We're pretty basic on vday. We usually get our kids each a box of chocolate and get take out food for dinner. It's hard to acutally celebrate vday when it always falls on a weekday, esp when you have kids. My son has too much homework for us to go out and do stuff. I also think vday is more of a kids, young couple holidays. That's why us older couples can celebrate anniversarys...that's where the hoooola should be.

We talked about it this morning what our gameplan was. I told him if the weather wasn't bad he could go pick up flowers but I don't care either way if I get flowers or not, or a card, or a present. The only thing I really care about on vday is not cooking wooooot!
Dinner and chocolate, this year though, I'm just happy to be over this lousy Martian death flu. We'll probably go have Mexican food as we finally found a decent restaurant...

I like having something "down below"
Originally Posted by spring1onu
What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
Originally Posted by smurfette
don't click this. seriously.

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