Period accidents

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As to period accidents...I believe the last time this happened was in my sophomore/junior year of high school. I had lots of accidents in middle school as well. But in biology class, when I was about 16, I remember that the bell had just rung and I stood up when this girl told me I had blood on my skirt.

So I sat there not knowing what to do and the teacher was kind enough to lend me her jacket.

I don't ruin clothes and bedsheets anymore because my flow is significantly used to be like rivers of blood for nearly two weeks, I kid you not. Now it's just 3-4 days of severe pain and heavy clots with fairly light bleeding.

What DOES get ruined are bath towels when it's that time of month.

What DOES get ruined are bath towels when it's that time of month.
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I have found that dark rust colored towels show the least amount of staining of any type. And they go nicely in my green bathroom.
I woke up to an accident this weekend. My poor sheets even got messed up. i put the sheets and my clothes in peroxide all day to soak, then washed in bleach. still satined. i didnt dry them and plan to go another cycle. hopefully that will work.
Try soaking in OxyClean - instructions on container, though IIRC, you put a full large scoop (I'd say it's about 3/4 cup) in first, fill your washer, then add the clothes or whatever and let them soak away.

I think it says for an hour, but I've left them overnight, and it didn't hurt anything - nothing I was doing was at all delicate, though.

Anway, has worked better for me than just peroxide.
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The "wash blood in cold water" advice has never worked for me. maybe I have weird blood or something but hot always got it out and cold did not.

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