Boys can be drama queens too!

My son decided to write me a note, after I told him I would not comply with any requests he had, since he was screaming to me from across the house. I've told him a million times, "if you need me, come to me and make your request. Don't yell out to me from other rooms."

So he puts this sign on the sunroom door:

To Mommy:

(Do not disturb)

What you said to me teared me apart. Wherever I am, do not disturb. If you want to come in, then apologize.



This kid is a piece of work. People tell me, "oh you'll have your hands full when your daughter gets older."

Umm, yeah. I think I will be well prepared.
OMG, that's too cute...well, YOU probably don't think it's cute, and I probably wouldn't either if it were my son.
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Did I ever tell you that I admire you...

That's so funny. I remember leaving my mom little notes all the time. What's really emberrassing is that she saved them!

Just think of it that he is very capable of being aware of, and describing his emotions, especially on paper, and that's a good thing.
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Oh, that made me laugh out loud! Maybe tomorrow it'll be more humorous to you.
his wife will thank you. Like babywavy said he's at least able to verbalize his frustration. Don't you love it when they take your own tools and start to use them too?
hahaha you should save them and show him to his friends when he's an adult!@!!
That's my boy M!

I mean I'm sorry medussa. I understand your frustration.
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Just think of it that he is very capable of being aware of, and describing his emotions, especially on paper, and that's a good thing.
Originally Posted by babywavy
Yep, I agree. Plus that note is adorable!! Your kids are so freakin cute, H.
Awww! But I think it's great that he can express his feelings so well.
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Wow! What a boy
Yeah, You got your hands full.
LMAO!! That's too cute. You should definitely keep that note. Mean Mommy!
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That is sooo cute! I love kids, their personalities can be so fun/funny.
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Aww, that is adorable though.
What a character! It is pretty cute, though!

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