Christmas dinner - what are you serving

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springy, did you SEE my menu for Christmas Even dinner? It's for 5 people. Going overboard with food runs in my veins. So go wild with your meal. Appetizers are my favorite way to eat and so much fun.
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I realize i always have to cook and I dont want to. So I'm coming over one of y'all houses!! make room for me!!!
Our Christmas dinner is always on Christmas Eve night because that's when all 4 kiddos will be with us, along with my mom, my brother and his wife. This year is going to be tough because my SIL is vegetarian which I can handle but my brother has crossed into the land of veganism. And to top it all off, I have to work a full day that day, so it has to be things I can do ahead for the most part and something really quick and easy at the last minute. I am so baffled! Really my reason for reading this thread is not to contribute but for inspiration (read as steal menu ideas!!!!!)
I would ask Brother & SIL to bring a main that will suit their needs.

Then they can have veggies with everyone else, and you shouldn't have to prepare much extra!
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We have the vegetarian/vegan/differences of foods in my family too. I would start with a soup (I'm thinking some kind of pureed roasted vegetable soup.

I love the idea of food in ramekins because it feels fancier, and it's easy to prep ahead of time. Something like shepherd's pie can be vegan by making a mushroom gravy, using lentils or even TVP or something for protein, and adding in your veggies and baking like usual. If you're willing to make your own crust or buy a vegan crust, you can make an awesome veggie pot pie with all different root vegetables.

There is a pasta dish with roasted veggies that we make all the time and it's vegan if we omitted the cheese. Most dry pastas are vegan, so that's an easy one. Tex mex is super easy to do vegan (beans!), but I don't know how Christmassy it feels for you.

Whatever veggie sides you're having just make sure to keep them vegan, which is usually not an issue.

The dessert is always my kicker. Maybe you can just buy something. I hate baking, lol!

Good vegan mains can be stuffed squashes/pumpkins, a hearty stew, a cassoulet without meat. It's all about adding little extras for textural contrast, visual appeal, dynamic flavor. It's really not too difficult, promise! Starting off with a great soup is a good idea, as Munchy suggested.
Michael Natkin has awesome recipes, many of which are vegan:

This is a favorite dish of mine:

Romesco makes everything taste good.

A snack/app:


Not to mention something as simple as roasted pineapple with coconut sorbet, a fruit crisp, chocolate and coconut milk pudding or a panna cotta using agar, tembleque/haupia with a fruit salsa, and many other options.
And if you are okay with shortening/margarine and faux products (I 100% refuse to use them), you have even more.

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