New Yorkers: do I have an annoying voice?

I'm wondering because I want to go to New York City and I'm from the south and I heard New Yorkers are rude to southerners.
I'm wondering because I want to go to New York City and I'm from the south and I heard New Yorkers are rude to southerners. What accent do I have? - YouTube
Originally Posted by jenfitz
Locals from any major city, especially a major North Eastern city where things are known to move fast (NYC, Boston, Philly, etc.), are going to be annoyed with anyone from anywhere who doesn't acknowledge and respect that things move fast and people are busy and want to get on with their lives. That means if you speak slow, or walk slow, or stop in the middle of the side walk, or ask someone for directions that seems busy, or ask someone for directions and then ask slowly and take your time getting to the point (even if the person is not busy), the locals might be what you consider rude. They won't consider it rude, they'll consider it typical, but you might think they were rude to you!

So try to go with the local flow (i.e. don't do things slowly and obstruct people), and people won't be rude. And if you do something "wrong" and people are rude, than so be it.
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I doubt anyone would care about your accent. There may some (probably harmless) teasing about being from the South - I think New Yorkers definitely have some stereotypes about Southerners, honestly. The only things I could see being a problem would be the moving/talking slow thing that Who Me? mentioned, also I've noticed some transplants from the south and midwest can be very "nice" to the point of seeming kind of fake. Not that you have to be rude.

In any case, rest assured that if you do make it up, there will be PLENTY of other people from the south as well.....and southern-themed bars and restaurants and things. New York is a great big melting pot.

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Go and have fun! it doesn't matter if some people are annoyed or rude, you will find that anywhere you go and you may find some of the people you encounter annoying as well. Many people visit New York, they get a lot of tourists and there are many people who live there with accents from all over the world. They may move at a faster pace than some of the other cities but nice people will be nice and rude people will be rude whether they are from the city or not.
New Yorkers are actually very nice, but they may seem rude because they don't say hello or really smile at random people. It's not out of rudeness, but there are just SO MANY people that it would be impossible to talk to everyone so people just don't really talk to anyone. It's totally acceptable. It actually can be little off-putting when a stranger just talks to us for no reason.

Oh and don't make eye contact with people on the subway.

You'll be fine, it's really a great place. Come and have fun!
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