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I've noticed some youtubers have a regular channel and then one w/ a similar name that ends in "TV." What is the significance of the "TV?" Can having a TV channel on youtube do something extra for you?

They probably just add TV so they can have the same screen name that people recognize without causing a duplicate screen name issue with YouTube.
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But why not call it Suzie's Channel 2 instead of Suzie's Channel TV?

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It's more aesthetically appealing to see an abbreviation or word following the familiar screenname than just a 2. Showing people screenname2 will just make it look like some duplicate version of the same product coming off an assembly line and put potential viewers off with the factory-made-ness of it, or even possibly make them think of spam bots. Plus the TV at the end has connotations of regularly produced content that's worth showing on a higher prestige medium. ETA that reading SpiderlashesTV also tells you that these videos are going to be "all Spiderlashes, all the time!" Unlike something meant to function like a show on TV, this is an entire channel that will have varied programming, but what it will all have in common is Spiderlashes.
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...It's a siggie.

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I see this with beauty bloggers a lot and I think they do it to distinguish the content of both channels. For example, Soandso would be the beauty/fashion/tutorial channel while SoandsoTV would be the channel with non beauty stuff, like vlogs and maybe more non superficial content.

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What they said. I would forget the 2 in someone's name when I tried to type it in but maybe that's just me. TV is more catchy. One hair youtuber calls her channel TV because her blog goes by the same name indicating that it is the "show" to go with the blog.
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