Kentucky Derby-themed party

I need some help. Hubby's holiday party for work is Kentucky Derby themed this year. I'm excited, and I think it sounds like a fun idea, I'm just trying to decide what to wear. It's at a beautiful venue (one we almost looked at for our wedding), on a Saturday night. In general I'd think a light/brightly colored dress with a fun hat (of course) would be perfect, but since it's a holiday party, at night, in the cold it seems weird to wear a spring/summer dress. (I'm in N. snow here, the lowest the temps get at night are in the 30s, and that's really cold to us).

For those who enjoy online shopping, care to share some ideas with me? I'll definitely be wearing a nice big hat, but I want to find a dress before I decide on that.

Some details...I'm 27 and at 5 feet tall, I need a dress that's on the shorter side, because it will be a few inches longer on me than it's supposed to be.

Ok, ready...go!

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Kitty Mae Millinery: Derby Days 2013 by Susan Dillon — Kickstarter

Hats are the easiest. Buy a inexpensive and some ribbon and go crazy.

Hideous dress but love the bow. This would be super cute on a large, floppy straw bonnet.

A solid color dress with a turtleneck of the same color or longsleeved t underneath and take a summer dress and winterize it.

Just not as tight.

Cheap Kardashian Dresses

Find your Derby Style | Kentucky Derby Party
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You could always find a pattern you like and I could make a dress for you. We're about the same height (I'm 5'1") so length would be easy to adjust. Lemme know....

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