my new boot! ***UPDATE***

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Aw, gc! I'm sorry that you had to go through that! That totally sucks!

How long do you have to be in the cast? I must say that I do like the teal! Very sassy!

Thanks everyone! I had a really rough night and did not get much sleep because I just could not get comfortable. This morning is icky but I plan to try to knit a toe covering because I cannot get a sock on and my piggies are COLD. I have to wear this cast for 2 weeks. When I go back, I may keep this one but if the swelling has gone down considerably, I will get a new one if he thinks I need it; he may do another ultrasound to see what progress I've made and if he does, this cast will have to come off. I will have to wear the boot for 2-3 months.

The neatest things about all of this:

1. When I came home, I hobbled to my recliner next to the wood stove and got my foot as high as I could. Jeri, my three legged cat came and seriously checked me out. She kept sniffing and then she'd stop and squall at me. She was concerned that I had been to the "vet" again. I swear they know the smells of any medical office! Once I had been thoroughly inspected, she got up in my lap and walked all over me murmering to me the way a mother cat talks to kittens. She puts the top of her head under my chin and bumps gently and then washes the tip of my chin. Once all that was to her liking, she walked down my legs and laid down just above the boot. She'd reach out with her one front paw and stroked the boot. She did this all over it but when she reached the spot where the injured joint is she started murmering again and then settled down and laid her head on the boot at my ankle and kept her paw on the joint and murmered and purred to it. It was so sweet. She finally went to sleep in that position and slept about 30 minutes. When she woke up, she started murmering to it again, but this time much softer and less frantic. After a few minutes of that, she came to check my chin and bump it and then she got down and doodled away.

2. The surgeon told me I would have to adjust the boot frequently to help keep it comfy but tight enough. After I'd been home a couple of hours, I got pretty beserk from the pain and kept loosening the boot and rearranging the extra padding inside it and strapping it back up. My 5 year old son kept watching me. He is highly intelligent and very compassionate. Finally he had watched this enough and said, "you're doing it wrong; let me do it." I told him to be gentle; he's almost and can be spastic and rough when he's wild. I unpacked it totally and deflated the boot. I kept my foot in the boot and K began to put the pads back on top of my foot and around my ankle. He gently poked and prodded them and scooted and tucked them just the way he wanted them. He spent considerably longer adjusting the pads then I had. He told me to hook the velcro, so I did. He then stuck the fingers from one hand down in the top of the boot and used the other to pump it up until he thought it was just right. He said, "There." OMGosh! He did it = it was the most comfortable ever! The cast didn't irritate my foot anymore! I had several hours of much less pain. Then I had to go to bed and like and idiot instead of just sleeping in my jeans, I took the boot off and changed into pajamas (yoga pants for me) and then put the boot back on. I didn't get everything just right and fiddled with it miserably on and off all night. Ugh. As soon as he gets up, I will change into jeans and I am going to have him fix it for me so it doesn't have weird pressure spots that I cannot get rid of!
Awwww! Those are the cutest stories ever! Cute little kitteh so concerned for you. And your son being so careful, but fixing the padding just right. That's just sigh and swoon worthy. Because not many people would do that for another.

I'm super glad that you've got all the support (even Kitteh) to help make this a little easier!
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GC, those are such sweet stories!
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it sounds like you have your own medical team, right there in the house!
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So sorry you're going through all this, those injections sounded just awful.
So sweet of your son and kitty to be so caring though - hope your son can fix it up as well tomorrow as he did today.
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I knitted 2 "socklettes" to cover my toes since I cannot wear a sock over the cast and under the boot. I need to post photos. They are seriously funny - to me anyway.

I drank wine at lunch today. Yes, on top of Vicodin. Not wise, but man, I feel better! Now I just have to sober up so I can drive home in an hour.
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