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goldencurly 12-22-2012 03:27 PM

my new boot! ***UPDATE***
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The right boot in my favorite pair is falling apart. It has been Shoe Goo-ed back together and I'm waiting for it to cure. However, I was shopping on-line for new boots. I've learned you must be very specific with what you want because below is what I got:

claudine19 12-22-2012 03:29 PM


NetG 12-22-2012 03:34 PM

Oh, no! I know it didn't happen from drinking and job application, so what happened? I hope you're ok!

goldencurly 12-22-2012 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by NetG (Post 2090554)
Oh, no! I know it didn't happen from drinking and job application, so what happened? I hope you're ok!

Now THAT would be a great story!!!

But no, I stood up yesterday afternoon, not wearing my favorite boots which never hurt my feet, and started across polished concrete floors and I thought my left foot exploded. I've broken bones before and although this brought me to the floor, it was definately a different kind of pain. I assumed, wrongly, that it was my arthritis doing something horrible or perhaps it had become gout (arthritis' even uglier cousin). I had an interview so I took a deep breath, gritted my teeth and fake smiled my way through the rest of the day. The breath-taking pain eased up to a dull throb so I just kept going through the motions.

Last night the top of my foot was bruised! I had not hit it over anything. That's when I got nervous. I couldn't sleep because it hurt for covers to touch it. This morning I took a boiling hot bath and soaked it in epsom salt. It is not swollen at all but it hurts like the debbil. So I went to the walk-in doctor's office, walk-in being ironic in this instance!

I have strained a tendon, possibly torn it. I am in a boot and on crutches until Wednesday with lots of new exciting drugs for pain and inflammation. I am not supposed to put any weight on it at all. So no cooking or cleaning for the holidays. I guess we'll have sandwiches. Gah.

If it is not much improved by Wednesday, I'll go back and they'll take x-rays, etc. and based on that refer me to an orthopaedic surgeon who would schedule surgery for after the beginning of the year. Joy.

spring1onu 12-22-2012 07:36 PM

Oh my WORD!!! GC!!!!

And all you did was step on it wrong?!?

I am so, so sorry and it sounds so incredibly painful. You're a stronger woman than me, I would have hit the floor crying like a baby! :lol:

claudine19 12-22-2012 09:56 PM


Get well soon. :)

jeepcurlygurl 12-22-2012 10:38 PM

OUCH! Hope it heals fast.

SCG 12-22-2012 11:18 PM

Ugh! Hope it feels better soon.

For a while, I kept scrolling past this thread thinking "man, I really wish she'd fix that typo..." :p

Starmie 12-23-2012 12:27 AM

You poor thing, hope it feels better soon.

I had an unexplained pain in my foot when I was alone on a trip to Melbourne once, it was excruciating and then I ended up with a massive blister on the sole from trying to not weight-bear while still trying to get around and "enjoy" my holiday (some hope). These things always happen at the most inconvenient times.

CurliLocks 12-23-2012 12:46 AM

OMG! I hope it heals quickly so you don't need surgery. :( Healing vibes on the way. And ((BIG HUGS))!!! :happy10:

SunshineGrrl 12-23-2012 04:47 AM

It must be the season for foot injuries. I turfed it on some ice and ended up breaking my metatarsals. Freaking fantabulous to have your foot in a boot during the winter time. Snow is not my friend. Snow is not my friend.

Here's to hoping your foot gets better, the drugs are good and you don't have to go and have surgery!

NetG 12-23-2012 07:44 PM

Ouch! I hope it heals quickly and feels better soon.

Lingering injuries are a pain in the tush.

goldencurly 12-24-2012 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by SCG (Post 2090665)
Ugh! Hope it feels better soon.

For a while, I kept scrolling past this thread thinking "man, I really wish she'd fix that typo..." :p


That is funny! Everything is funny today :blob4:

I am at work. I thought, "hey, a cup of chai would be awesome - how do I carry a cup of boiling water from the kitchen to my cubicle with crutches?" So I said to the lady in the cube next to me: "Hey K, I'll give you a dollar to bring me a cup of boiling water to make tea!"

Her response: hysterical laughter followed by "Aw, I'm sorry, I will make you a cup of tea!!" more giggles.

And the owner of the company overhears and says, "J - we will have to require you to punch out if you plan on carrying boiling water on crutches." and then he giggles.


goldencurly 12-31-2012 06:35 PM

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I have a new teal cast and a new inflatable boot! I do not have a torn tendon!!! Yay!!! No surgery! I have ruptured the joint capsule where my pinkie toe attaches to my foot. The surgeon took x-rays and did an ultrasound. He said the tendons are inflamed because they are having to do their job and the capsule's job of holding the bones in place too. He froze the skin around the joint to numb it and then put 3 or 4 shots down into the joint between the bones. It was excrutiating. I held my breath and tried to focus on where the needle was going and how much gunk -- that is supposed to reduce inflammation and "fill up the capsule" and speed healing -- was going in instead of how badly it hurt for him to manuvere my toes around so the needle would go where he needed it to go. I didn't cry until it was over and then I bawled once I started breathing. He was very gentle and compassionate; it was just the nature of the injection that was brutal. He said it would hurt WORSE for 24-48 hours and to stay off it but after that, do whatever I felt like doing within reason. Now that it's in a cast, I cannot soak it :sad5: It hurts like something awful and I cannot get comfortable or be still. I have to wiggle. It was tortuous but it is starting to let up with getting the boot adjusted properly and great meds kicking in.

CurliLocks 12-31-2012 07:54 PM

Oh no! Sorry you had to deal with the pain, but I'm glad you don't need surgery. I like your cast color! ;)

spring1onu 12-31-2012 08:01 PM

Oh my goodness. GC, I'm so glad you don't have to have surgery (YAY!!!), but hate so much that your cute little tootsie is in such pain! I hope you're able to get comfortable soon.

jeepcurlygurl 12-31-2012 09:40 PM

Yikes, golden! But teal was a good choice. Hope it gets better soon.

crimsonshedemon 12-31-2012 11:49 PM

OMG that sounds painful!!!! Injections into the feet are so painful! Hope you feel better soon. Love the color of the cast!

ruralcurls 01-01-2013 12:07 AM

I am glad you don't have to have surgery, but yikes those shots sounded painful! I hope you will be more comfortable in a few days.

KurlyKae 01-01-2013 01:10 AM

I had foot surgery last year, I'm glad you don't have to go through that, but what you are experiencing sounds just as bad. Sending quick healing vibes and prayers your way. I like the teal cast though!

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