Did you get your coworkers gifts

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...for the holidays? If so, what?

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One because we had a Secret Santa exchange. There's many more males at my workplace than females so I was happy my person was female. BUT she has pretty different taste from me so it was still a little bit of a challenge.

The final package was a sheer light silver scarf with silver sparkles, silver dangle earrings, and a silver glitter liquid eyeliner (she's 19).

eta: the earrings

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We did secret santa at my job; most people gave gift cards.

For my mom's office, she brought gifts for her immediate coworkers and a couple of her superiors. There's a store in our area that roasts nuts fresh, and they're really good and make a unique gift, so she gave those and everyone loved them.
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I gave liquor store gift cards to all my staff.
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Nope. But my boss brought a gift for my son
Retired this year, so no. Last year the three women in the office each bought small gifts for the other two (I bought liquid soap and a Christmas holder from B&BW). My boss(es) always bought for me. I was always taught in the workplace you "buy down" and don't "buy up." Therefore, I never bought for my superiors.
I gave liquor store gift cards to all my staff.
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I made glass pendants for the attorneys and my boss (all women) and gave Starbucks gift cards to my two male legal assistants.
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Gave someone a Visa gift card in a Secret Santa thing.
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I prefer to spend time, not money, on anyone outside my family.

I made peppermint marshmallows, pumpkin white chocolate cookies and little vials filled with sand from our local black sand beach, tied them all up nice and cute and gave the goodie bag to anyone I consider a friend, which includes coworkers/employees.

However, this year I bought my former boss a digital food scale so she can weigh ingredients when she bakes. Mostly because I was appalled at her lack of equipment for someone who bakes so frequently, and partly because she mentioned she was interested in getting one.
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I made scarves for my two office assistants and DH's office assistant. With my colleagues we do a white elephant gift exchange. I ended up missing it because I got snowed in.
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I work with a bunch of cops (6 males, 1 female), who are a part the IT team. (I am in IT at the city.) Every year I do a gift card and a gag gift. (They get a big laugh out of it and it's not too much money out of my pocket.) This year, I got them light up yo-yo's (from the Dollar Store) and a $5 gift card to Subway.

For my close female friends at work - I got them wristlets.
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No, I haven't done this in years. I was going to do it this year but ran out of time.

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We used to do secret Santa but not anymore.

I was surprised though to see a 20 dollar bill in my doctor's Christmas card today!
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Christmas is hardly mentioned at my work. None of the departments celebrate it, as far as I can tell.
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I get my boss something and the two admin assistants in our department. Others in related departments gave small gifts. I generally don't give to anyone outside of my immediate crap department. My boss is always very generous so I don't mind getting something for him. The other two I do out of obligation and it is usually something about $20 (bath and body works lotion and gel, something like that). Neither of them reciprocate.

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We used to do a giant gift swap when I first started but that became too much, especially for the co workers with large families. A few years ago we decided to start a holiday meal tradition and leave it at that. This year my co workers (shift partners rather) both surprised me with a gift. Nothing major, but very sweet homemade Christmas goodies. When I have some more time I will bake a cake or make lunch for our shift in return.
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No, but a few of us pitched in to get our supervisor a gift (a spa gift certificate).

My boss made all of us cute little goodie bags though - filled with Eucerin hand cream, cozy socks, and chocolates. Which might sound odd, but when you spend all day on your feet and 90% of that time rinsing dishes in the sink... You NEED all three of those!

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Not usually. One of my coworkers gave me a gift card this year as a thank you.

I have 40 men that report to me, I can't get them all something but my boss gave me his cc so I could order lunch for everyone on Christmas Eve.

A few of them gave me little presents: a gift card to Dunkin Donuts, scratch tickets. I didn't expect anything so it was nice to be thought of.

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