Negative impressions of local businesses?

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Do you have any?

For instance, there's a hair salon in my neighborhood. The employee entrance abuts my parking lot. I almost always see them out back smoking or walking back from Dunkin' Donuts. I'm sure it's a fine salon, but my impression is now that their hairdressers do more smoking than styling.

Do you have any impressions like that of businesses in your neighborhood?

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There aren't any businesses in my neighborhood. But yep. I find that a well run local business is pretty much always better than a national chain... but a poorly run local business is almost always worse than a national chain where at least you get consistency.

The worst impression I have of a local business is the place I tend to go to the most concerts. The manager is a rude jerkoff and his employees follow suit. It's the impression I've had of them for a long time, but when I found out about one of the former employees moving to a job at a different venue and being excited when someone left a complaint message that she got to call back and try to make it right since that wasn't allowed at the previous place... it pretty well cemented my opinion!
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I confess to having a negative impression of business that keep their customer television tuned to Fox News.

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I confess to having a negative impression of business that keep their customer television tuned to Fox News.
Originally Posted by roseannadana
Me too. A laudromat in my neighborhood does it and it drove me nuts. I now go to another one that's closer as well as cheaper.

Otherwise, I find that while local businesses can be pricier, you often get better customer service with them, so I try to patronize them whenever possible.
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I often see stylists from one specific salon hanging out in the back, smoking and waiting out color processing in their own hair. Sometimes they even walk over to the nearest Target and shop, with foil and various other goop on their heads. It's a look.

A local salon in my town is always advertising for new stylists, and the owner's former employees do not speak well of her. I stuck with her for years out of loyalty, but in the end, her "I know best" attitude drove me off. Out of the half dozen stylists I knew when I was a client there, only one remains.

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BTW: By "local" I don't necessarily mean locally owned. I mean businesses in your area.

Obamacare is not a blueprint for socialism. You're thinking of the New Testament. ~~ John Fugelsang

A popular local family-operated restaurant, K, closed after about 80 years of business. I think no one wanted to take over.

I went there once about 10 years ago and never went back. The food wasn't that great. Supposedly, they had fantastic skinny french fries. Meh. I also saw a woman blowing her nose while standing in the food preparation area. Eww. That turned me off permanently.

After being treated rudely by a manager at one of The Body Shop stores, I stopped buying their products. That rude manager actually did me a favour as I stopped buying their $11 lipstick and found a cheaper alternative.
I try not to shop at the local Walmart. I was in there one day and they were getting ready to close down registers so they could start tracking for the new day's receipts. They announced over the intercom that in order to service us better, they were shutting down the registers and restarting them in 5 minutes (or something like that). Okay, I know it's probably silly to be so bugged about that and it's Walmart and a lot of the workers at night are kids, but seriously? I don't need to be serviced at a store. I need to be served. If I wanted to be serviced, I'd take myself to Vegas and get someone hawt!

I refuse to go to the Lancome and Clinique counters because I have received such bad service and was given totally wrong products for my skin type. When I tried to take them back because they were wrong, they argued with me and told me I couldn't exchange or return them (I can't remember whether I was trying to exchange or return them or both). I feel like products like that should have a money back or exchange policy. And if they don't, then I don't want to buy from them anyway.

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