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I just received a Kindle Fire for Christmas and I think reading it in bed is keeping me awake all night. I have the light dimmed down but still no luck. Does this happen to anyone else?
I had the same problem with my laptop. I downloaded something called flux that warms the screen at night, and it helps a lot. Maybe it or something similar is available for tablets.
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They often say that something like a computer or Kindle Fire tricks your brain into thinking it's daylight and jacks up your sleep cycle (I think something to do with the melatonin release that happens at night). They say the same thing about TV's in the bedroom. It's the specific reason I didn't purchase a Kindle Fire. I bought the standard Kindle Touch that works like paper. I have to have a little light to read at night.

My problem is that I get so involved in the stories that I don't go to sleep like I should.
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I use the black page setting on mine. Dammed if I can read two pages before falling asleep
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I use the black page setting on mine. Dammed if I can read two pages before falling asleep
Originally Posted by Spider

HAHAHAH that's my problem. I didn't know about the black page, I'll try that for nighttime just to see, but just reading two pages, I'm out like a baby, I struggle to make it to third page.
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This is good to know... I stopped downloading books on my iPad because I was having the same problem!
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Originally Posted by legends

I just downloaded this, it's cray!!!!!!!!
That ish is pimp! I downloaded it on my work computer and it's effing awesome. I swear I could feel my eyes sigh in relief after staring at this blaring screen for 7 hours today.

Originally Posted by legends
I am going to try and download this on the Kindle Fire! Thanks!
I just downloaded it. This is amazing. My eyes are already thankful.
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I love flux, been using it on my computer for years.

They have it for tablets now? That's great!
... okay, only for jailbroken iGadgets. Oh well. I'll definitely put it on our Kindle Fire.

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