Online Friends?

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I have a few on this game I play on my phone but its kind of strange because i usually dont trust people online,ive seen way too many movies. I havent befriend them so far as to meet in person or call on the phone etc. but im kind of leaning towards giving my email since its not too personal or too public.

I mainly just want to see pictures of places overseas because i want to travel later on when I get older but google searching the beaches/sunsets or buildings just its the same I guess.

Does anyone here think its a bad idea?I dont have a fb anymore so thats out of the question.I just hope none of these people try to do sexting or whatever because im not into that.
Maybe set up a separate email acct for this purpose. And only ppl you really click w/.
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^^No pun intended. Ha!!
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What spidey said. And make it vague so nobody else really connects you with it (mine all pretty much say my first and last name, soooo...that doesn't work for me to give someone I didn't want finding me). Maybe one that references the game you guys are playing? Or completely off the wall like

If it's available, you are more than welcome to steal my made up e-mail. I have not registered, trademarked or patented it.
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lol thanks ladies i was actually going to give my main email out because i have one that's yahoo& one
gmail but its the same username,i had to make a gmail since i have an android phone :\

I will definately make a seperate one then or take a risk with my main.
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+1 to what the others said. I'd create a new email account and use your screen name as your "name".
If you make some really good connections, go from there, but for now I'd go that route
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I've made some very very good friends with people online. I'm actually closer to them then any real life friends.
But yes some cautiousness is always in order, whether it's meeting someone new online or in real life.
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I have no problem with having online friends. There are people here who have finally met IRL. I just met Nnayve this month and it was awesome.
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Wow well I think I might change my mind though because I'm still in high school and some of these people might be lying about who they are.I'm going to college soon but I still don't know if I should just leave it alone.

Some of the people on that game seem like creepers but its mostly the guys.

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