What to do with high quality butter (Saria...?)

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It won't go bad, but it won't be as fresh if they don't eat much.
Originally Posted by Saria

Can you divide it into smaller bits and freeze it until you want to use it? I do that with local butter and I've never had any problems. The local stuff is organic but I have no idea what the fat or water content is.
Originally Posted by goldencurly
Sure can. I just figured she didn't want to freeze it.

I've gotten over 90% butterfat butter from the farmers' market along with 87%, so there's a good chance what you're getting is high up there if it's from a local business.
I'm a big fan of cultured butter for the delicious light tang it has and thankfully a lot of the butter sold by these small producers usually is.
making cookies which you'd eat over a period of time and might possibly give out as well.
Originally Posted by Saria
I'm voting for this option. *cough* we're practically neighbors *cough*

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