NYE Plans

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Early dinner at a nice restaurant with a few friends, then coming back to our place. Hopefully turning into a game night! And we should be able to see the fireworks at midnight from our roof deck.
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I had initially planned to just go over BFF's house and hang out, but another friend called over the weekend to say that she got an extra ticket to a singles party at a bar. I'd prefer the former, but I haven't seen the other friend in awhile and I'll be seeing BFF tomorrow anyways for my dinner party. It's shocking that I'd even have a choice on a night like this.
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if nothing else blows up in the next 20 minutes, the only manager on duty today says i can go home.

we got an indefinite extension on the injunction for the other problem! *whew*
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i might have jinxed myself - i have to complete the attendance for the month by the end of the day and ONE manager hasn't filled his out! the phones are bouncing around the voice mail system at his courthouse - so i sent an email to his Blackberry...

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Okay -

I will be polishing the girls nails -
Ordering Sushi -
Toasting to the New Year with a cheap bottle of champagne -

Oh yeah, plans are MADE.
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Both my husband and I had the flu over the weekend. We are slowly in recovery mode. Friends we were to go to dinner with also had the flu this weekend. We all decided to postpone till we could enjoy ourselves better. My husband is fixing steak and lobster at home for us. I think I was relieved when we all decided to cancel. Wasn't sure I was strong enough to go out for even a couple hours.
For about 15 years I've done the same thing, my BFF and I spend NYE together. We watch movies, play board games and get silly. She's married now so her wife join us, obviously. Sometimes there's a lot of people, sometimes it's just the three of us but we always have fun.

NYE is amature night in Boston, I'm happy on the couch with my favorite people.
I am making dinner and hanging at home. We usually go to SIL's but with DH off the bottle we rather stay here away from the drama and drunkeness. I may break out Rock Band for a bit after dinner so we have some fun! Chances of us staying up until midnight are nill. Brunch at my mom's tomorrow.

I hope everyone has fun and stays safe! And Murrcat I would work for you if I could. I think the whole idea of NYE and getting drunk is pretty lame. I like money more than a hangover!
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finally got out of the office...

at least there's a Sex & the City marathon on Cosmo TV to get me through the night.

and these... with a straw!

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Eat, clean, dye my hair, paint my nails, and watch a movie. Typical single night in. I even have sweets to pig out on.
Big house party like last year. It was a blast, we popped 40 bottles of champagne at midnight! This is the best party of our friends parties, we all get fancied up and turn the living room into a dance floor. So much fun, all our friends and their friends are around, and cheap too!
Happy New Year curlies!
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Spending time with the family.

We went out this morning to a kids' NYE party with a countdown and toast at noon and then bought them lunch. This evening is dinner with my family, then coming home, having some special snacks and desserts, put kids to bed, watch TV or whatever until midnight, toast with some really nice champagne (Dom Perignon) I was given when I was called to the bar, bed.
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Ran errands and my boyfriend and I got haircuts. (My hair is healthy again!)
Then I played canasta with my visiting aunt before going home.

And now we've made alcoholic Butterbeer and are gonna play poker with his family and some friends.
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We went bowling as family and then ate Mexican afterwards. The kids are in the bed, the husband is playing a video game, and I'm on the net. We might play a board game in a bit. We're both pretty tired, so I doubt that we stay up 'til midnight.

We had another couple over for drinks and apps, then took a cab down the road to hear a band we like. Then cabbed back to the house for more food and very early morning mimosas!

Fun night.
We went to a theme park & stayed until past 1. My son celebrated his first new years awake!
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
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after returning from the movie i got a MGD 6-pac and surfed the interweb while listening to Fleetwood Mac, Peaches and Herb and Captain and Tennille
Stayed with friends in Seattle for the third NYE in a row so I guess its become our tradition.

We cooked a fancy dinner, did a wine tasting and ate and drank and chatted till midnight.

My 5 year old conked out at 7:30 pm and my 7 year old stayed up to midnight watching a Dr Who marathon with the bigger kids.

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