How do I get rid of static on my couch??

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The static is so bad on my couch, it's driving me crazy! I just about electricute myself everytime I stand up lol!! I use dryer sheets in all my laundry. I tried spraying febreeze on my couch...thought maybe the dampness would get rid of it, but no luck.

Most permanent and most expensive solution is a humidifier... Dryer sheets rubbed over the couch should help, though.

Static when brushing horses is a problem and I diluted liquid fabric softener about 1/3 to 2/3 water to lightly spray my horse - something similar could work on the couch, but I'd try dryer sheets first because I wouldn't want to get it too damp!
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Coming here to suggest a humidifier. You can find one for $20 to $30 at Target. Don't be swayed by the more expensive ones.
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Static Guard or maybe a bit of lotion on your hands then rubbed onto the couch, unless it'd stain.

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