What do you call your mother in law?

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Just curious. I believe first name is standard practice?
I call her by her first name.

ETA: She'd probably prefer that I call her Mom like everyone else in the family (her grandkids included), but she's said some terrible things to me in the past and I just don't want to call her Mom.

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First name.

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Forever alone here, but wanted to add that Spanish makes this easy since it's just "suegra", as opposed to a three-word term. If I had to do it in English, I'd go with the first name. Anything else seems weird. I can't imagine calling an in-law "mom" or "dad".
Let me first say that I'm NOT married and I know sometimes people don't like opinions from those not in their particular situation. However my brother and SIL have been married for 10 yrs and my parents still prefer that my SIL address them as Mr/Mrs (insert our last name).

Honestly despite the fact that I am not married, I was with my child's father for 7yrs and his grandparents/family,etc wanted me to call them mom/dad/sis/bro,etc and I was just uncomfortable with the titles. I think it's individual to each family and in particular to black/African American families and comes down to respect. You do not address your 'elders' by their first name...that is how I and the majority of the black/African American (whichever term you prefer) people I know were raised and if you attempted to address them as anything other than their proper name there would be problems...even if they were not spoken outright it would be discussed later when company left (like I know that child did not have the nerve to call me so and so...my name is Mr/Mrs...) and whoever bought the company over to the house who 'insulted' the elder would be told not to bring company back.
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Miss (first name). But her daughter calls her that too, so...
I call both of my in-laws by their first names. My husband is the same.

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First name when I had them. BF parents are first name.
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By her first name.
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Originally Posted by Poodlehead
I know somebody who wanted to call her in-laws Mil and Fil. Fil was fine with it, Mil was not...so she calls her by her first name.

But she calls the father Fil to EVERYBODY like it's his name.

I told a friend about it once.

Me: She calls her father-in-law "Fil."

Friend: ...So? Is his name Phil?

Me: No. His name is Kevin.

Friend: ...Oh.
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By her first name...to her face.
There are many other names (that would need to be censored on here) that I call her when Im talking about her though. Shes not a very good person.

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Forever alone here, but wanted to add that Spanish makes this easy since it's just "suegra", as opposed to a three-word term. If I had to do it in English, I'd go with the first name. Anything else seems weird. I can't imagine calling an in-law "mom" or "dad".
Originally Posted by Saria
Ooops, I call my suegra by her first name.
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For the first six years, by their first names, or maybe Mom or Dad, when referring to one (to the other, not DH or his sister, then it was "Your Mom (or Dad.)"

Since having kids, it's Grandma or Grandpa.
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By her first name. I already have a mom.
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Grandmother and Granddad when in the presence of my son. First names otherwise...well, I sometimes call my MIL names behind her back because she and FIL are wonderful.
Not married but I call bf's mom by her first name
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