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Maybe I should just start a thread called "what's outside my neighbor's door today?"

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She's home (as indicated by the shoes, socks, and cane), which means she had to carry the boxes upstairs. Why doesn't she just bring then in?
Originally Posted by Springcurl
Where is Agatha Christie when you need her? That could evidence of her last victim. She beat up some old lady (cane) and stole her tennies and Beanie Babies.
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You could always "trip" over the boxes, then tell her you were talking to a fireman friend of yours about how "klutzy" you are and you tripped over a box and the situation behind it. Then tell her that the fireman said the boxes (and probably nicknacks) cannot be blocking the's against fire code. And you don't want her to get a fine or a ticket, so you thought you'd pass on the information.

That's something that is more up my alley...even if it's not necessarily true.

I DO know that ADA requires a certain clearances in hallways, aisles (for work), etc. I just don't know what the clearance amount is.
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^^ i say you "trip" or say the dog ran into it and knock on her door so that you can see the inside of her apartment
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My response to crazy is always to shut down and kind of quietly go, "oh, okay."
Originally Posted by Springcurl
Hahaha, this is why you have so many, err...eccentric people! They think you think they're normal!

Just for the record, that's what I would do to. LMAO
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