The Bachelor is back!

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Anyone watching!?
I'm so glad that Kacie is back! Although I didn't see any silhouettes with shorter hair in the preview if the upcoming season so I'm doubting she makes it very far. I loved her on Ben's season and have a total girl crush on her.
I really liked the bachelor on Emily's season, but the fact that he was always smiling made me doubt his sincerity at times. I guess I was wrong! He is adorable though (for a blond )
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Yeah I got sucked into another season last night. I think Sean is kind of boring, and he will probably make a great husband, but not a great star of a reality tv show. Hopefully the crazy girls will make up for it.
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I think Sean is the best human being they've had in a lead role. I agree that he won't be overly entertaining himself, but neither was Ben because he was so vapid... I think the entertainment mostly comes from the competitors making fools of themselves!

I actually hope this season works out well for Sean since most of them don't in the end.

My observation from last night: Did you notice when Catherine got out of the limo and they looked at each other both basically froze like deer in headlights? I don't remember seeing them talking to each other later in the episode but she did get a rose at some point, because she's in a bunch of previews. I think he picks her just based on that initial look which was somehow different. In a movie there would have been special dramatic lighting and music to put emphasis on it to indicate it was important - it was that kind of moment.
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I've never watched this show before, but last night I was wrapped up in a blanket with a dog in my lap (heaven forbid I disturb him) and the remote was way to far away, so I watched it.

The girl that fell over doing the back flip had me feeling so awkward for her. And I was very happy he got rid of drunk falling over girl.
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I'm watching. I a hopeless romantic.

I liked Kacie. Some of those girls (most) were gorgeous! There was one really curly girl who didn't make it. At least I didn't see her get a rose.

He's not my type but I think he's good looking.
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I think the curly girl did get a rose.
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If you got nothing to bring to the table - don't even bother sitting down.
I would love to see him end up with Kacie. She is gorgeous and seems nice and sincere. I thought they seemed like they would make a great couple, but Reality Steve says she only lasts 3 episodes. Will have to see if he is right.

I think she should be the Bachelorette.

Poor Sean got a few dandies tossed into this bunch. The Fifty Shades of Grey girl was unreal.
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I love Sean! I agree he's not a super interesting person, but he does seem like a really nice (normal) guy. He and Jef are the only two guys who have made me think "Hey, they're cool and totally not douchey!"

He's got some real crazies. I really like Kacie B, but I agree she probably won't be around for long! Sadly.
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