my biggest regular waste of money is...

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Food and hair products. Food mainly.

I have problems.

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food and like cute food. and candles. and things that smell nice. random b.s.

I can't really pin point and exact thing, it's mostly everything.
Target's a killer of budgets.
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MAC make up. There is a macys right by my job and I go there during my lunch hour...damn them for releasing so many new collections that I have to get at LEAST one new thing from every time.

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MAC makes the best lipstick, imo.

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
Take-out/fast food. I have to say though we have gotten much better with eating at home than we did before our income reduced.

I gave up drinking Dunkin Donuts ground coffee too for the same reason. That was tough.
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Daily - Lunch. Usually 5-15 a day

Weekly - drinking/hanging out on the weekends - 100 - 200, it gets higher if we cab to multiple places or there's a day game on and we are there all day eating and drinking, hopping around from place to place in search for more drinks.
Originally Posted by Josephine
Mine is similar to this, except since being in a relationship the past few years it ends up being dinners out more than the late night drinking (he doesn't drink).

Also, manicures!
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Take out for dinner and/or eating out. Most of the time, the take out isn't fast food, but Chinese, West Indian or Indian. It cost about $6-10 each day for 3 or 4 days a week so it adds up. If I go to a sit down place once or twice a week, add another $20-$40 to that. I really don't like cooking, especially since I live alone.

Also, going out during the weekend in general (drinking, concerts, museums, etc.). I enjoy experiencing new things and spending time with friends, so I'm not sure this could be considered a waste of money. Living in a city that offers so many things to do does not help, although there are plenty of free or low-cost things, which I do occasionally.

ETA: Forgot to add mani/pedis, but only in the summer.
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Target aside, I think my main source is during the time Starbucks has the seasonal drinks that I enjoy. Since I can only get them in the Fall/Winter I use that as my excuse to indulge in way too many of them and the ridiculous price should be illegal. In the Summer it's an iced vanilla coffee from McDonald's and although it's only $2.50, it can add up fast.

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I've decided that I'll never get down to my original weight, and I'm OK with that--After all, 8 pounds 2 oz. is just not realistic.
Yeah, nail polish is another one for me. I'm addicted.

Rock on with your bad self.


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Coffee and eating out.
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I think I need to ban myself from going to Target. I'll go in there for two things and walk out with two damn bags.
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Ditto what everyone said about Target. Working there is really dangerous! Especially because our break room is right by the cosmetics section of the store, and I have to walk by it multiple times each day! So many things to buy!

Other than that... I find myself spending money on lunches a lot. I've cut down lately, because I realized it's a stupid thing to spend money on. Now I just try to keep a stock of frozen dinners to bring with me to work. Now that I'm at school during lunch, though, I need to figure out something better. I'd rather save that money and spend it on a dinner, clothes, or books. Er, or gas. Probably gas, if I'm being honest.

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Yeah, nail polish is another one for me. I'm addicted.
Originally Posted by PartyHair
Uggh, me too. Ulta gets me every time when they have their buy 2 get 1free OPI nail polish sale...AND take an additional $3.50 off on top of that with a coupon! Who can pass that up!!?
Starbucks. And I refuse to give it up.
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I have a new chest freezer so I can stock up on both non-perishable and frozen goods in bulk and only buy fresh produce regularly, and cook for myself to save money.

Because, hello, I have horses. And that's my budget. Pretty much all of it...

ETA: I have gel nails and get them done every two weeks. Even that is because of the horses, though. My nails are feeble and I got tired of them breaking off and bleeding all over while I was riding, so this protects them some...
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Food. We like going out to nice restaurants, and we like cooking good food at home so we will often splurge on ingredients for a recipe.
Originally Posted by cmb4314
This is us exactly.
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non-scheduled eating out: normally in between class when I forget a snack or just get really hungry


hair stuff(bobby pins, caps, clips, random stuff)

pizza( i live across the street from 3 pizza businesses)
3c front crown,4a in middle back
LOIS: OS, thin, dense, cottony

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Chocolate and sweeties. But I'm having to cut down/out for health reasons.
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I think target is evil. you go in and see things that you "can use" or that you "need". hey, its on sale for 2.99! why not? then you get to the register and, "that will be 75.22." WTH?!

for those who love starbucks, some starbucks have specials where you buy one get one free. or have free demonstrations with samples.

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