Reason #8,562 why I really don't like Home Depot

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I don't know why Mr B and I go to Home Depot from time to time since we generally prefer Lowes where the employees actually know what they're talking about. We regret it each and every time we go to HD, but for whatever reason, we still go on occasion. This last incident has to do with the prelit Christmas tree we just bought last month. A Christmas tree, right? You'd think that would be fairly idiot proof. My last task in taking down Christmas stuff was to take the tree apart and put it in the alleged "tree bag" they talked us into buying. It's pretty much a canvas tree-shaped duffle bag with handles and wheels that's supposed to make it easier and more convenient to lug the tree up and down to the attic. Except the tree doesn't actually fit in it. I was able to wrassle the bottom and top sections into it, but ain't no way the middle (largest) section is going in there. And, of course, we no longer have the box. Because, you know, we had this swell (alleged) tree bag. So, now I get to drive the 25 minutes back into town to see if I can find another tree bag for sale. And I'd better find it at Target....or Lowes....or anywhere other than stupid Home Depot. Oh, if only I were as organized as Jeepy, I'd have a much better chance of finding one. Curses.

Are there any stores you feel the same way toward?
There is an entire mall I have to avoid. I get really ticked off at how mean all the stores' staff and other customers are, and at the fact that I can no longer shop at Nordstrom's because they sell fur. I get anxious and insecure and annoyed all at once whenever I go there. It also reminds me of stepmother #2 and her effing b. friends.

My ex once said to me, in re: the whole thing: "Forget it, Kid. It's Beachwood Place." (see "Chinatown" for complete reference.)

How's that for agreement?
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Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
An entire mall, eh? This kind of thing (lack of knowledge and customer service, rudeness, etc.) makes me feel nostalgic for the "old days"....but I know there were lots of not-so-good things going on then too. Why can't everyone behave the way I want them to? Why?
Because they're wrong.
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Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.

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