Do you say something when someone cuts in line?

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If someone is intentionally cutting, I say something and I might have an attitude depending on my mood. I try to assume positive intent for most people and I HOPE they just are oblivious.

In spiderlashes case, I would have been nasty.
Once at Disneyland I was in line with my family. My little niece wanted to go to the bathroom and the line progressed a lot while she was gone with my cousin. When they came back, we were on the other side of the room already. I walked to them and walked them through the line. A man tried to stop me and yelled "Aye, Aye, Aye". I turned to him and yelled "Bee. Bee. Bee" back to him and kept moving to my family.

I also get a little unhinged with freeway merging. If I see people trying to cut out of traffic into the on-ramp to get a few cars ahead, I will swerve all the way over onto the shoulder and keep you behind me. F-you. My time is just as important as yours. I'm never polite about the zipper effect of car merging either.
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