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Hi curlies!

I have been helping a friend who is trying to get web serial (web soap opera) going. I'm a production assistant. She is the lead writer and producer.

Currently no one is getting compensation except the videographer and sound engineer. However, she has told me that everyone, cast and crew, will receive compensation when/if the show starts to generate revenue or is picked up by a network. I would get $200 per day.

My parents are telling me to get this writing so I'm not screwed if the show does take off. Im starting to feel the same way cause I'm the lowest on the totem pole so to speak.

Those of you in law or business is this a good thing to do?

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Always get everything in writing. Always. Everything. Especially when dealing with friends and family. Always. Everything. In. Writing.
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I am not on law or business, but I would agree. And I would also get in writing how much revenue needs to be generated in order for the team to start receiving compensation. "Generating revenue" is pretty vague. I'd also see if it starts to generate X, would that mean $50 per day? Or is it $200 at X revenue or nothing at all?
But yes, definitely get this in writing!!
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I can't imagine not getting it in writing.
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It seems like you already know the answer.

What is the dilemma? How to bring it up?

I would just play dumb and ask my friend, "so when do you think you will have the contracts ready for us to sign?"

Then just react accordingly.

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Thanks everyone! hit the nail on the head . I'm gonna talk to her tomorrow. I think I'll approach as a way to not have to worry drama later on....of people saying she said this or that amount.

Narnia...that's a great idea as well about being specific as to what the compensation is when x revenue is met.

Thanks again. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
4a pencil-sized corkscrews that are low porosity, fine, thick, & layered

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