Inauguration Day - Anyone going?

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anyone going? I live in DC and i am too lazy to go and i should cause i have never been to one.. but the cold and the crowd is getting to me.
I'm not, unfortunately, but my son is - he lives in DC and went to the 2008 inaugural as well. The weather was brutal then, too - if it wasn't for the body heat of hundreds of thousands of people packed tightly together, he probably would've gotten hypothermia! Hope he dresses warmly tomorrow

Lucky devil is also going to one of the inaugural balls
I have one friend going to the inauguration and a friend of a friend going to the inauguration ball. Her husband is playing in the band
I was supposed to, I gave tickets away. Womp.

So close to biden's sexiness.
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You couldn't pay me to deal with that craziness! I have the day off and I'm being lazy!
But I am watching it on tv! Michelle looked amazing walking the parade route.
Here are a few pics. We stayed at a friend's house and walked into the mall. It was cold but I'm glad we went! We watched the parade on TV. We also went out last night and watched the Ravens beat the Patriots so it was a fun weekend!

I forgot to add that that is Anderson Cooper's glorious silver head front and center on the CNN stage!

Inauguration Day - Anyone going?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1358806312.265519.jpg
Inauguration Day - Anyone going?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1358806400.309587.jpg
Inauguration Day - Anyone going?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1358806461.173586.jpg
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