Did Jodie Foster come out?

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I agree with the article that the speech was weird. Not because she admitted to being lesbian (even if you didn't know...you knew, you know?), but just the tone of it and how it was all over the place. I'd just credit it to nerves. I doubt I could come up with anything coherent if I was up on that stage.
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^^But JF has been acting since she was 3yo or 5yo... I'd be surprised if an award speech made her nervous. But who knows? Maybe it's different when you don't have a script written for you.

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Who knows where it came from, but that speech was a mess. I thought she was drunk, or high, or who knows what.
The look on Russell Crowe's face said the same thing.
I laughed on TMZ the next day when Harvey was talking about it. Seemed pretty cray cray.
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