Wuthering Heights

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yay or nay?

I just finished reading it. Again.
Love the book.

As a romance? Nay. Lol.

Although Catherine and Hareton's story is sweet.
I couldn't get through it.

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Hated that book I'm a Jane Eyre type of girl.
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I couldn't get through it either. I had to read it in my english literature course but I just couldn't
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I prefer Jane Eyre.

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Yes, yes yes and the movie with
Sir Laurence Olivier who was married to the crazy byotch Vivien Leigh at the time! To die for!
Love the book and the movie.
I like Jane Eyre too but it's sometimes too light and fluffy for me. I'm a dark and brooding kinda girl mostly.
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Very dark. I just read Ethan Frome again and it bummed me out as usual.

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Love the book.

As a romance? Nay. Lol.

Although Catherine and Hareton's story is sweet.
Originally Posted by kat180
Me too. I find it interesting that WH delves into the romantic gothic tradition, but also exposes the kind of creepy, stalkerish lunacy which is the natural extension of that romantic ideal of eternal, larger-than-life love. Nothing good comes out of Heathcliff's unrelenting posessiveness. I think its odd so many women find him desirable. In the end, its the kinder, more compassionate and down-to-earth love between Catherine and Hareton that prevails.

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