Putting Yourself Last?

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I always seem to put other things before me (my husband, son, other expenses, etc.). I haven't been able to read clearly with my contacts for about 8 months. Well, I made a pretty big mistake at work this week and finally decided to get my eyes checked. Wow, did my prescription change! I can't remember the last time I saw this clear!

I guess the lesson learned is there are just some things you shouldn't put off and I should not always put other things before me because I'm important too!
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Absolutely. Good for you!
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I tend to always put my 4 boys and husband first also. I too was shocked when I went for an eye exam last summer to get new contact, it had been 6 years from when I last mad an appointment for myself. Mind you all, 4 of my boys have glasses and get yearly exams, so how hard would it of been for me to schedule one for myself? Lesson learned!!!

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