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luvmylocs 01-21-2013 03:05 PM

dog question *not for squeamish* pics incl
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my sweet boy myles has had a little issue with his rear now for a couple of months. i noticed scooting. we thought it was just anal glands that needed expressing. that was done but according to the vet it was thick. she thought he had an infection. he had one round of antibiotics. he didn't really get better. the area was red. i took him back to the vet when a different vet in the same office said he had a bad infection. she gave him a stronger antibiotic, pain meds and showed me that he actually had an abscess (literally a hole) near his bum. she told me to give him warm compresses to the area which i did, i just microwaved wet paper towels and held it on the area. it seemed soothing. she said neosporin wouldn't work because he'd likely just lick it off. i gave him the antibiotics he seemed better. oh, all the while he was pooping normally, the consistency, the amount and the frequency. i didn't take him back to the vet. well, today i notice the hole is back. it seems actually a little bigger, same vicinity. it bleeds a little, i'm thinking when he goes or if he scoots to soothe himself that reinjures the area but how can i get him to stop?

i will take him back to the vet this week but in the meantime i thought i'd see if any of you had experience with this. what's going on with my boy? is there anything i can do at home that might help?

spring1onu 01-21-2013 03:23 PM

Calvin had this several years ago (while we were out of town no less), we didn't even know anything was wrong until I woke up and found blood in the bed because the anal sac had burst. The vet we took him to shaved the area, flushed/irrigated the hole to clean it out and I had to squirt ointment (I forget the specifics on what it was) into the hole several times a day. Calvin also had to wear a cone to keep from messing with the area and he's never scooted so that wasn't an issue. I'm not remembering if he had oral medication to take (I'm assuming most likely he did), but I definitely remember having to put the ointment into the hole.

It eventually healed up and we've just made sure to keep a check on his anal glands so it doesn't happen again. His poops are fairly firm, but some dogs just have more issue with the glands being expressed when they poop than others.

Poor Myles, I hope you're able to get it cleared up. When this happened to Calvin he never gave any indication it was bothering him so I freaked out when I saw all the blood. I still remember how badly he howled and yelped when they were cleaning the area and while I was near tears in the waiting room the vet was being less than nice with his words about how Calvin was reacting. I can't imagine that having a huge hole in your rear end really felt all that great, how did he expect him to react? Ugh.

PerriP 01-21-2013 03:58 PM

I grew up with a poodle who had issues, they would pack hers with like a thin string and some of it would hang out, the string was somehow treated, there'd be ointment and after several days she'd go back to the vet and they'd pull the string out and stitch the hole closed.

My current guy has small issues with his and the vet said if it continues that I'd need to add metamucil to his food. But that's more for when they aren't working right, not when there's a hole.

Hoping he feels better soon!

I googled and found this the second step about greeting him to sit in Epsom salt bath may be useful

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mrspoppers 01-21-2013 04:41 PM

If the hole is back and he's bleeding, I wouldn't soak the area without speaking to the vet first. If it's not yet infected, that could cause an infection to start. If it's already infected, soaking can make it worse. You'll want to keep the area clean but soaking doesn't accomplish that.

I'd either get him to the vet right away, rather than sometime this week, or call the vet and ask what you can do for him in the meantime. I wouldn't want an infection and abscess to run rampant for several days untreated.

gagirl09 01-21-2013 07:17 PM

Go to the vet and if they don't suggest I would only suggest asking for The Cone on. It saves so much drama.

luvmylocs 01-21-2013 08:37 PM

yeah he needs that cone and some ointment. i'll call the vet tomorrow. thanks for the good advice. his poops are firm. the first vet suggested adding pumpkin to his food to plump up his poops but they were already plump and full. i feel so bad for him. sometimes i see his little rear pulsing. i wish he could tell me what is going on. he's already been on two rounds of antibiotics. the last time the vet said it was strong and i needed to give him a probiotic so his tummy won't be messed up, which i did. i thought we were out of the woods. it was better for a little while. then i noticed this slightly larger hole. sucks!!

luvmylocs 01-22-2013 05:37 PM

i called the vet. she doesn't want to give him anything topical, says he'll lick it off, even though i mentioned the cone thing. she says i should bring him in again so they can "take a look". she said most of these heal on their own in a few weeks. his did but now it's back again. i really want to try a topical route and feel a little frustrated she won't give me a topical to at least try.

luvmylocs 01-24-2013 10:32 PM

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hard to look at. the other vet called me yesterday and we talked. she saw the pics. he's on another round of antibiotics and pain meds. i hope my boy gets better soon.

the little pink part to the left is the hole.

spring1onu 01-24-2013 10:44 PM

That poor baby. :( That looks just like what Calvin had.

tnatural 01-25-2013 06:30 PM

One of my cats had this same problem. It was due to the type of food she was eating. It healed up pretty quickly after I took her to the vet and had them clean it. They also injected the anal sac with antibiotics and pain meds . Having a cone helped a lot too. She couldn't lick the hole which allowed it to heel faster. I would usually clean the hole with peroxide especially after she used the bathroom. This has happened to my cat several times but since I changed her food, it hasn't occured again (cross fingers). That was like 3 years ago.

I don't understand why your vet didn't provide a cone to prevent him licking the hole. I am not sure what type of food your feeding him but one that is high in fiber and a lot of moisture might help with his poo. I hope your Myles find some relief soon. It sucks when our pets get sick.

spring1onu 01-25-2013 06:52 PM

Our last vet in CT was very anti-cone so it may be that the vet Myles is seeing just isn't a fan of them. I admit I'm not either, but when Calvin had the gland rupture I can't imagine how I would have kept him away from that area otherwise. You can buy them at petstores if you want to try one on him. We took Calvin's off so he could eat and go potty, but otherwise left it on him. Poor guy is so short he'd get stuck on the carpet when we first put it on him and I hated it so much, he was so sad.

luvmylocs 01-25-2013 09:56 PM

i can't imagine him having to be expressed. that little area is raw. he's actually playing, eating and pooing like normal. i watch him. he's on a limited diet. it's a salmon food with no corn, wheat or something. i still give him his treats. the are his pleasure in life. it's just so weird, no major changes, he'll be 7 in march and this just started in early december. she did say he could have antibiotic injected into his glands. it just sounds painful. he is on a pain med too which she told me to give him regardless. he drinks plenty of water and is playing like normal so i'm not too worried. she even said i could give him a bath but recommended i do it at home. when i get near that area, which i needed to do to trim away hair he is very sensitive to being touched. maybe a warm bath will make him feel better in that area too.

thanks for the input girls...i'll keep y'all posted.

gagirl09 01-27-2013 07:28 AM

Gaaaaahhhhh that pic. #teamcone. They absolutely hate it but like another poster said u can't stand over them and what if you're gone? Poor baby.

luvmylocs 01-27-2013 09:48 PM

it actually looks worse the past couple of days (since the antibiotic) almost bigger and wetter, urgh. my only comfort is he's acting completely normal, eating treats and food as normal, playing with his brother-dog and was happy like always to go out for his walk, so i'm guessing it looks bad but maybe is healing.

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