I Hit A Coyote This Morning....

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It happened at 6am this morning. I didn't even have time to try and brake. It was so fast. Poor thing. I feel so bad. My car is a mess. It's not driveable. I had to have it towed and I have to rent a car this evening when I get off work. It has body damage and damage underneath.

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Yikes, are you ok?

I imagine the coyote didn't fair well. Poor thing.
I hope you're OK!

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I hope you're ok and your car gets fixed fast and doesn't cost too much.

Do we all know this Coyote?
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LOL, Speckla.
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Where were you?

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I'm so glad you're okay!

(Sidenote: I ran over a squirrel once and I felt bad about it for days.)
Crummy thing to have happen. Hope you have a better week!
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How scary! One of my big fears of driving is to hit a moose, which happens quite a bit in AK.
Where were you?
Originally Posted by asugirl
I was around 64th Street and Shea. I've never seen a coyote there before.
Yikes, are you ok?

I imagine the coyote didn't fair well. Poor thing.
Originally Posted by Like.Australia
I just hope he didn't suffer too much.
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I've only ever hit birds and that's bad enough, hope you're ok - it shakes you up a bit, doing something like that.
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Coyotes are that big??

Did it die?

I've heard of ppl hitting deer and the deer just running off w/o as much as a limp.

I almost ran over a horse once. My mother was in the passenger seat. I hit the break just in time so that I merely bumped the car lightly into him and he ran off startled. I've been told this is very dangerous because the weight of the animal will crush the car and you along with it.
Oh, my, I didn't know coyote could be big enough to do damage to the car. I hope you are okay and the car can be repaired.
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Coyotes are the size of a big dog. I have a little car, VW Beetle and it is low to the ground. I don't think my tires went over him. From the damage underneath the car, it looks like he was sucked under and killed that way. My radiator is busted and the hose ripped out. There are some other things I didn't quite understand, but I was told there were many wires ripped off.

I was talking to a neighbor last night and she said once she was on this hwy going about 65 mph. A large white dog jumped on top of her car hood. She didn't know where it came from. It was howling and had it's front paws around her windshield wipers trying to hang on. She said the worse thing was that he kept looking at her. Before she was able to stop he lost his grip fell off and she ran over it. Other cars behind her finished him off.

I just sat there staring at her in shock. I really didn't need to hear this story right now.
did you honk. Coyotes likes to chase after things that go "beep beep." FACT
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The estimate for my car is $4,400. The mechanic just called and said he should have it ready in a week.
did you honk. Coyotes likes to chase after things that go "beep beep." FACT
Originally Posted by OBB
No, I didn't have time. My car is red. Maybe that's what attracted him.

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