View Poll Results: Who is your favorite potential president?
Kerry 3 8.33%
Dean 8 22.22%
Lieberman 0 0%
Kucinich 5 13.89%
Edwards 0 0%
Moseley Braun 0 0%
Clark 5 13.89%
Gephardt 1 2.78%
Sharpton 3 8.33%
Bush 11 30.56%
Voters: 36. You may not vote on this poll

Curious...favorite presidential hopefuls

the pledge of allegiance actually means something to me now
Originally Posted by whirlycurl
For this I do thank you. For your other insight, I am not saying by any means you are wrong but as you go towards a vote look hard at all issues and choices. I also commend you on voting and taking an interest in that process and duty we as Americans are given. Whatever selection you make is the correct one and from that point on you are free to ****** and complain and gloat and whatever else you want about whoever makes it into office. It's so much fun.

You taked a lot about economy and foreign affairs. Read more on the Patriot Act and try and decipher it. I think you will find major flaws in this law. It is a very bad thing IMH(umble)O. This is B speaking, not the military guy. (I must be careful about this)
~Two friends, one soul inspired~ anonymous
I do want to thank everyone for being fairly civil on this topic -- and it was nice to read comments from people supporting the president who aren't doing it simply "because he's the president".

However, for all of those who believe Bush & his administration to be honest -- I do urge you to go and read the archives on -- he's currently taking a break for the holiday, so there's not been much new in a while, but there's much in the archives to be very, very worried about. Beware -- he definitely is a liberal, but as I mentioned in my other post, he tends to post news items and quotes (from legitimate news sources, no whackos), clips of transcripts from press conferences -- which are pretty damning on their own, minus any commentary. Plus, he's got some pretty cute cartoons, featuring a penguin.

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