bad roommate. Storytime!

Once upon a time, there lived a college graduate...

My old roommate, who was awesome (cleaned her dishes, cleaned the apartment every once in a while, was quiet, etc etc) got married in August and moved out. *sob* My new roommate was a friend of a friend, who needed a place to stay until her boyfriend's lease ran out, and then they would get a place together.

Her rent check for September bounced, but since I didn't keep a watchful eye on my transactions, I didn't notice. I had enough money to cover it. October's check bounced too, which made my account overdrawn. Upon further investigation, her bank had closed that account because it was significantly overdrawn.

November and December she pays rent (in cash) but she drags her feet the whole time, and about the money she owes me? "I'll get it to you when I can."

She tells me January 1st that she can't pay January's rent because she's been out of work. She did pay February's rent on time, in cash, without complaint.

With her new job, she gets paid every Friday, and she's making at least $230 a week - plenty to pay me a little every week, still have money for rent, and still have spending money. Then yesterday I find out she has other, more pressing financial obligations, so I won't be getting any money for who knows how long.

She's lived with me six months, and has never mentioned any other obligations. She is rarely at the apartment, has never cleaned it, promises things like "I'll do the dishes" or "I'll clean the bathroom" and a week will go by with no action, and basically she just keeps her stuff there - like a storage unit - and lives with her boyfriend and his roommates.

So - I gave her 30 days notice. She's not on the lease because she never came up with the thirty dollar application fee, so I can do that. Her agreement is with me. I'll forgive the $760 and she'll be out by mid March. *sigh*

The end.
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*waves bye to your sucky roommate*
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Yikes. Makes my bad roomate stories look like happy endings!
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make sure to have the locks changed after she has moved out of the apartment.
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I think you are very kind and patient to even give her 30 days notice. I would have changed the locks and left her stuff on the porch.
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