Any actors out there?!?!

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I was talking to an agency, and i really like them and they're gonna set up an interview . I want to be fully prepared !!
What kind of questions do they ask?
Will i need to bring my own script? What should i do to get on their good side? And any other helpful things. Also, what can i do to improve my acting skills? Like what would be some things that would help a lot?
I feel like i can do this ! Please help!
Thanks so much! Xoxo
I am not but Trenell who is a regular poster is. You may want to reach out to her.
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I used to act professionally many years ago.

First of all, be careful. Be skeptical. There are a lot of weird people out there. If possible, check out the agency and where you will be interviewed and by whom. Don't just walk into some place where you don't know if it is legitimate.

You should be told in advance what kind of acting is involved. Is it for tv, commercials, movies? You usually need a headshot (picture) - do you have that already? You may be asked a few questions about your background but usually, you won't be asked much besides your name. Instead, you will be asked to read from a script that you will be given so that the director/producers or whoever is running it can see if you are suitable for the part.

If you are serious about acting, look into acting classes. There are many schools and many different theories of acting, but you need to just try some out.

I'm sorry if I sound like your mom (or some dragon lady) but when you get to your interview, if it seems at all fishy, or if you are the only one there (because usually for auditions there are several people and sometimes very many) get out quickly. Don't give money to anyone for anything, don't take off any clothes, etc. Maybe you realize all this already - many people are fooled so please don't take this the wrong way. Best of luck to you and please let us know how it goes!
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If they ask for money, run. Run fast. Legit agents get paid once you get paid. Basically they get a small percentage from what you earned on a job.
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"don't take off any clothes, etc. Maybe you realize all this already - many people are fooled"

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