Two questsions:

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1) Is there any reason I can't use Suede waterproofing spray on leather?


2) I am really beginning to hate Yahoo. Can anyone recommend an alternative home page?

bonus question

3) I dreamed about Wills and Kate. Will the crazy feeling this gave me evaporate soon?


Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
1) No clue.

2) I use Google because I always want to know things.

3) Crazy is good.
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1. Some sprays darken leather so I would check for that.
2. I use multiple tabs that open as my home page, both at work and at home. Local weather, work website, gmail account, facebook, NC, etc.
I hate home pages like yahoo. So busy!!
3. Go with it. Weird dreams are great.
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What SpringCurl said.

I am the new Black.

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I want something that offers news and to which I can add sites of my choosing, but that isn't as stupid as Yahoo.

(Realized boots were Nubuck, so used suede spray. Worked out fine.)

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.

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