Post menstrual syndrome

We've all heard of pre menstrual syndrome but is there such a thing as post menstrual syndrome?

I get all the pms things a week after my period. Especially the mood swings. I have never had pms before but I think my hormones have gone completely wonky over the last 8 months.

I've begun really tracking my symptoms but was just curious if anyone else has post-ms
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Sorta, except mine starts a day before my period and keeps going until about a week or so after, occasionally longer.
I used to have a week of pms followed by a week of horrible cramps and awful period then a week of "not quite as bad as pms" where I always felt like my body was righting itself again. I'd have one good week then start again.

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I get PMS like symptoms fairly soon after my period because I ovulate crazy early. My biggest issues are moodiness/sadness (um, paranoia and drama queenisim) and fatigue.
I break out after my period, not before.

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