What do you ask Siri?

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My brother asks her "what is the meaning of life?" and "what is your favorite color?" Siri has great answers but I cannot quote them....

A lady I work with asks her "Are you constipated?" and Siri responds, "We were talking about you, not me."

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I have her set timers in demo days, set alarms, type texts/messages/emails and random questions that don't require google.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I asked her for the address of the Migratory Bird Treaty Office in Albuquerque.
Democracy is not a spectator sport.

You know why pandas are endangered? Cause pandas ain't got no game.

Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite.
'Where's the best place to hide a body?'
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
That one is funny with morgues and dumps.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
'Where's the best place to hide a body?'
Originally Posted by curlylaura
Funny, I was JUST talking about the same thing with somebody.

I am the new Black.

"Hope the Mail are saving space tomorrow for Samantha Brick's reaction piece on the reactions to her piece about the reactions to her piece." ~ Tweet reposted by Rou.
My friend one time said "Siri, do these jeans make my butt look big?" Siri replied with a list of stores for her to buy new jeans.

My kids like to ask her the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. And I think her favorite color is a bluish-green.

She's very cagey about how old she is and her relationship with the late Steve Jobs.

I mostly just ask her to call people for me.
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Minneapolis, MN
Siri makes notes for me and sets reminders. Very handy but sometimes she doesn't quite understand what I said and the note ends up being cryptic.

I was born to be a pessimist. My blood type is B Negative.
Siri is santa real? siri says santa is as real as you make him.

Siri i'm horny. Siri gives a list of places such as stripclubs and massage parlors.

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