Considering he was a member of the hitler youth, I can't say I'm sad to see him go. It's about time.
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I didn't know he was part of this, but I don't think that necessarily should be held against him. If that is the case, there are lots of white Americans who went along with segregation and unjust laws because "that is just what people did back then." my point is that some of us have done stupid things or thought them and then grew up and realized how stupid we really were. Obviously I'm not talking about adults who willingly tortured someone else because they thought they were better than that person and not having to do time for the crime.
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There were people who didn't join Hitler youth despite the fact it was "mandatory." It cost some of them their lives, and some survived. They were just braver and stronger. I don't judge those who weren't for not being braver and stronger, and don't know what would have happened if I were in that situation.

This is different, though. To me, if you're talking Pope, you have to be completely beyond reproach. You're supposed to be a choice of G-d, which means you shouldn't have that shady past if G-d really wanted you to end up there.

The fact that I walked around the Jewish area of Rome and listened to some of the discussion of his anti-Semitism and the fear they all had because of him didn't lessen my impression any, either! His choices while Pope could also be seen as anti-Semitic as well.

And that's not to mention all the terrible things others have hinted at or mentioned in this thread.
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