Should I change my email address?

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I have a yahoo email address, it's my first name, middle initial and last name

A coworker said I should get a gmail address instead, that it's more professional.

He said it's like having a hotmail or aol email address.

Is this true?? Is there some sort of hierarchy of email addresses??
Lol I have nothing constructive to add, but this made me think of this.

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Ha, I remember when I was graduating from college 10 years ago people saying the same thing. They were saying the email you list on your resume looks unprofessional if it is @hotmail or @yahoo, etc. This was before gmail, so I think people were promoting using your school email address instead.

The problem was I never used my school email address, so I continued to use hotmail, although I did create a new account with my first and last name. Just so long as it isn't or anything like that, I would think it would still be okay, but the rules may have changed. I didn't have any problems getting interviews/offers with my regular ol' hotmail address.
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Lol I have nothing constructive to add, but this made me think of this.
Originally Posted by SCG

oh my god!! i usually type in all small caps. it's true.

i better get a gmail account.
I have several email addresses and I think it's a good idea for ppl to do likewise.

I have a business and it so happens my business email is a gmail acct. But I don't think you or your business can't look professional w/ yahoo or hotmail, etc.

And personally, I've noticed gmail goes down from time to time...and I have never noticed that w/ any of the other providers.

But at least for the sake of anonymity, I think you should have more than one since your main one uses your full name.

Lol I have nothing constructive to add, but this made me think of this.
Originally Posted by SCG
HAHA!! This is so awesome and so true! My step MIL uses yahoo and types in ALL CAPS. I asked her why since it seems like she is yelling and she said because she can see it easier.
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my gmail account:

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I have a yahoo address.

It was once recommended to me that I get rid of it & use a gmail address. I ignored that recommendation & continue to use my yahoo address. I haven't had any problems getting responses to job apps, etc.
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
I have a hotmail that is my first name last name. I've had it 10+ years and when I tried to get it or a close variation on gmail it wasn't available so I didn't worry about it. I don't have any issues with my hotmail and it is professional. Just like I've only had one cell number I've primarily had one email with a cheesy gmail for coupons etc. Are people suggesting you just change emails when a newer company comes out? That doesn't make sense to me.
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I've had Yahoo for 15 years-when the Internet was in the Stone Age. I've never had an issue getting interviews before, although last year, I did get a gmail one as well because my Yahoo address has the exact same handle I use on this site and I didn't think it was professional. My gmail address has my first name initial, my last name and is followed by a three digit number. It's mostly used for anything business related. Email from friends and other personal email still go to Yahoo.
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A lecturer of mine told us last week that she doesn't understand why some of us still cling to yahoo and we need to upgrade to gmail. I think it was more a matter of a better layout and spam blocking technology than yahoo not being seen as professional enough.
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my schools (since i go to two schools because my life is gross) email addresses are both gmail now. They weren't until....the end of 2011 they both turned into gmails
If you're applying for programmer jobs, or really cutting-edge cool jobs, or anything really tech-related, then I'd consider changing your email address so you seem at the leading edge of change and technology.

For anything else, I don't think it really matters as long as it's some version of your name and not like "Hot_budderfly_babbbiii6969@yahoo" or something! I mean, yes, I think someone would look twice at an aol address, but if it shouldn't matter to most people.
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