My favorite V-Day was one when I was single...

My senior year in college I was single, as was a lot of my friends. For Valentines day we decided to go out to dinner together and get drunk (it was college...practically any activity ended with "...and get drunk"). Word got around and so many people wanted to come to our dinner that we had to limit it to only the TRULY single people. You may wonder why that was difficult, but this was college, and a lot of people had "relationships" who didn't exactly call each other boyfriend/girlfriend, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we decided that you weren't allowed to come if "you can have sex with one non-awkward phone call". We ended up with about 13 of us out at a BYOB restaurant and had a grand old time. I ended up drinking pitchers of beer with a random assortment of friends at a dive bar after dinner. Every Valentine's Day I think of how much fun I had when I was young and single.

I'm in a relationship now, but my boyfriend has class tonight, and we're not big lovey-dovey type of people anyway. I don't consider Valentine's day to be any kind of significant holiday.

Anyway, anyone else have any fond non-romantic Valentine's memories?
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I have had a few fun non romantic Valentines Days. I have had anti VD parties with girl friends, and one incredibly messed up night with my best friend and a possessed talking teddy bear named "Sugar Baby Crack Bear". I might be thrown in jail if I go into too much detail about that one.

Actually, the best Valentines I ever had was a first date. It wasn't incredibly romantic or anything. We had just met. We went to watch Grumpy Old Men and then went to huge party at a friends house. We sat in the hot tub and talked for hours. It was great until we caught a funky bacterial skin rash cause the damn thing (unknowingly) had not been cleaned in a while. Haha&sogross. A round of high powered antibiotics laters, we had out 2nd date.

It wasn't perfect, but it was *mostly* a good date.
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Yes, when I was 23 or 24, some of my single girlfriends and I put together an Anti-VDay Bar Crawl in DC. Black clothing was mandatory, natch.

Great (hazy) memories from that day!
In college I got together with single friends and cooked food with lots of garlic. Original intention was to watch bad horror movies, but we ended up watching Top Gun and rewinding to the volleyball scene multiple times...

Out of college I went to a bar which hosted a "Women's night out" event and had firemen selling their calendar there and present to sign it for us. We just had a good group and lots of fun!
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