Word Help: Bullets and Numbering

I customized my bullets for a project I was doing and now I want it back to the default. Can someone see what the default indents etc. are? I can't seem to find any info on this elsewhere. TIA!
Really? No one can just go to their copy of word and see what the setting are?

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I switched to view the ruler for margins and added a bullet and it was placed 1/4 inch in, which was the same size as the automatic indent after. I don't recall ever changing the default. HTH!

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Nej, I just saw this. Did you work it out? The default indents for WORD are half an inch. (.5).

ETA: Do you know how to access the ruler so you can see where your indents are? Also, if you highlight the paragraph where you are making indents, you can right click, go to paragraphs, go to tabs and reset everything from there. If this isn't making sense to you and you need more help, post back or send me a pm and I'll try to help more. I'm not sure I'm understanding if you are seeing the wrong indents on new documents or in the document you are working on.
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