In this world of technology, do you still write things down?

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I write to-do lists because the physical act of writing them and then crossing items off is psychologically satisfying to me.

I use my phone calendar to schedule all my court dates, meetings, appointments etc. for work and personal life, but I keep a written back-up copy in my day planner, both for the above reason and in case I lose my phone or it dies or gets wet or falls down an elevator shaft or all the many things I've managed to do to phones in the past.
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I don't keep any kind of lists or reminders or calenders electronically. I still prefer paper.
I have a monthly calender under my desk protector at work. I keep a monthly calender on my refrigerator at home. And a pocket calender in my purse.
In January I go through them all and write down birthdays and events and anything I already know the dates for. Then I just add to it as needed.
I'm also a list writer and have a grocery list on the frig and a reminder list in my purse. (I also love the feeling of crossing things off.)
Paper never fails.

I pay most of my bills through my bank online. None of them are automatic. I like complete control of when I pay them. I still pay my bills twice a month, just as I did when I paid them all by check. I also still keep a regular checkbook and it is always balanced.
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Jeep, I do that with my calendar every year too.

I made myself a dry-erase board out of an old picture frame by putting some fabric behind it and I use that to put all my lists and reminders on then I just transfer the list to my notepad in my purse on shopping day. It's in the kitchen so I can always see and use it. I don't like clutter on the counter and I got tired of shuffling paper around that I was jotting lists down on.
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I still write most things by hand, I don't have a smartphone and barely use the mobile phone I do have. I have a calendar in the kitchen that I write birthdays etc on, a notepad on a noticeboard in the laundry for stuff I need to put on my (handwritten) weekly shopping list and I keep a written copy of my bank account.
I write letters to my friends and relativess in the UK for Christmas and birthdays.
I do send a lot of emails but I hate, and am hopeless at, typing. I rarely write long responses on here because I'm so slow!
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