In this world of technology, do you still write things down?

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In general I'm not a techie type person so that might be why I still use paper and pencil for a lot of things, but is there anything you still write?

I don't have a smart phone, but I have an outlook calender through work and I still use a paper planner. I write all my appointments, personal and work related. In meetings I take notes on paper not on a laptop or anything.

Also, I still balance my checkbook and write checks. I can't bring myself to do automatic bill pay through my bank.

For me, there's something about the act of writing things down that saves it in my brain. With the bills, I have to do the math and write the check for me to realize how much money I spend and how much I have left after all the bills are paid.

My coworkers think I'm horribly outdated and old fashioned but it's what works for me.

Also I wish Lisa Frank made a planner for adults. The thought of being at a high powered business meeting with a trippy pegasus planner makes me giggle.
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I still write things down, often. It is my preferred method at work. Sometimes calls come in so fast that it is easier to take notes, and then go thru the process of creating calls on the computer. I also prefer to write a story by hand, and then type if need be. I am sure a great deal of that comes from never seeing a computer (in school) until 6th grade, and not having access to one until high school. I learned to type on a typewriter my freshman year and was later introduced to computer labs. All that aside, I have always felt the pen induced hand cramps, and angrily crumpled up pieces of paper, felt more honest to the writing process.
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Even though I'm only in my early 20s (and thus would be expected to let technology run my life), I use a DayMinder planner (the kind with the times blocked out for each day of the week). My friends think I'm nuts when I pull out this notebook sized planner, but it would drive me crazy to have my phone buzzing every time I had to do something. Also, I like that I can write in my class schedule every week. It's not like I need to be reminded to go to class, but that way when I'm on the phone making an appointment or scheduling an interview, I know exactly what my class schedule is without needing to think about it.

So yes, I write down all my scheduling things and my to-do's in a giant old fashioned planner. Oddly enough though, I prefer to use my phone for my grocery list because that way I can just add things to it no matter where I am when I remember something I need.

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I still write things down especially at work (messages and orders). Post-it are my best friends lol. I have a wall calendar where I write down appointments and when I have to pay a bill. If I don't see it I tend to forget and that can't happen. When it comes to balancing out my accounts, I do all the math on paper just like my math homework. I don't use checks that often, just for my rent because I like being able to keep track of payments online. Plus I don't trust sending checks through the mail. I consider myself to be in between. I love gadgets and consider myself tech savvy but I didn't grow up with laptops and smartphones so I still use pencil and paper.

PS...I LOVE Lisa Frank. I don't think I'll ever out grow it.
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I write things down all the time. I have a cell phone to make & receive calls and texts and to take the occasional photo with. I have a Kindle Paperwhite for reading only. I have a laptop at home to go online and a computer at work.

I find the more "connected" I am technologically, the more time it takes away from my personal interactions with my family, friends and nature so I pointedly chose my phone and Kindle to not be online.

I still turn my cell phone off at night, during meals, etc.

I really don't need to be connected electronically all the time. I am happier this way.

I also think technology has become another avenue in which "keeping up with Jones" is serious materialistic competition. I am not impressed by your phone. I am impressed if you can hold a conversation in a mannerly and informed manner. You can't buy that at the local tech shop.
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All the time. I love the physical act of writing.
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i carry a notebook in my purse at all times. inside are notes about projects for the house or patterns i want to sew. that way, if i see something that would be perfect for "x", i can refer to the notebook.

i do use the notepad function on my iPod and yesterday i downloaded a "post-it" function for my tablet. my iPod is always with me even when i don't have my purse with me, so it would be useful to keep the same info there.
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I do a little of both - it depends on the activity or purpose. Mr B & I like to record our appointments in our phones because they give us the convenience of setting reminders, but I also write them on a wall calendar in our room. We both feel like we need that visual reminder.

If I'm writing something, I use my laptop because I can write and edit and correct much faster than writing by hand. The laptop keeps up with my brain and thoughts much better than writing by hand does, although writing by hand feels more therapeutic.

When I'm making lists, I still have to write those out by hand. At the holidays or when we're having company, I have a legal pad that I jot down by day everything that has to be done so that I can stay organized and accomplish everything. For whatever reason, those have to be on paper. I think it feels good to physically cross things off the list.

It's nice being able to have the choice though.
^ That it can be. I love my Evernote app. When I see a picture of something I like, or take a pic, I can attach it and voice notes. It is incredibly handy for organizing ideas.

All non *important* in my day to day, but creative and fun.

*Sadly, I end up editing/correcting more when using my worn out smart phone. Hehe
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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I also love handwriting. I like looking at something and thinking "so and so wrote this" to me it feels like you're more connected to someone when you can recognize their handwriting.
I do, and it's on any random pieces of paper I find. I type tons of notes on my phone, though. It makes me feel more green. I just wish I remembered to delete them afterwards and not let them pile up!
I just wrote this down for a doughnut recipe I'm making tomorrow. As you can see I'm just not a neat and tidy person in general (though my handwriting is nicer than this when it matters). It was quickly scrawled on the back of a sheet of paper that had part of the work menu printed. The line reminds me to fully develop gluten before proceeding with the butter and sugar, just in case I get distracted.

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Yes I still write with a pen and journal very single morning and whenever I feel the need to just relax and calm myself down I write. I'm a published author and when I told people that I literally wrote by hand my whole book they were so shocked! Lol
And I hadn't even noticed that flipped upside down is the formula for the détrempe I made earlier. I'm all about re-using, kitchen stains be damned.

In this world of technology, do you still write things down?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1361748357.608487.jpg
Saria, your notes reminded me of how much I love finding little scraps of notes from family members who have passed.

My Mom and I dragged out an old atlas for one reason or another and tucked in the pages was a line of shorthand my aunt must have written ages ago. It's like she just popped up and was all "Oh hai, ladies! Where ya goin'?"
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I use sticky notes at work to jot things down, and I have a notepad on my kitchen counter at all times to jot down something we're running out of or need to buy. That's really for my boyfriend, though--I've had to teach him to replace things BEFORE you're completely out of them. Otherwise he'd finish something completely, them wait until he wanted/needed it again, and then go out and get it. Um, that doesn't work when you share.

Otherwise I mostly use my phone. I use the calendar and the notes app. Honestly, I would go INSANE if my phone was buzzing with reminders, or if I felt the need to constantly check it. Having and using a smartphone doesn't mean you're constantly attached to it. That's just rude and obnoxious. Oh, and I guess I must have calendar reminders turned off, because I have to go check it same as if it was on paper.
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I write down everything. I'm a chronic lister, so I like to write, I have 3 planners, all for different things, and a note pad, and a chart and a calendar.

I like writing, instead of typing, with writing I actually will remember it. Not sure why, but if I have to study, I will write my notes over, to remember them, or in my one class where our teacher gives us the powerpoint, I write it down over on paper to study.

writing is fun.
I am a list whore. My lists have lists.

I have to write things down or I immediately forget. I can be going to the grocery for two things and as soon as I walk through that door I forget what I went for if I didn't write it down. I'm not sure why my brain refuses to work.

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All the time!

My hands get restless, and I like using my fountain pens. I hand-write all the time.
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i still write things down. i also use checks for some things. our gas company charges 5 bucks to pay on line, so i send them a check.

i have post-its all over the place. and i still write down my recipes and they are in a marble notebook.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it is the best freaking invention! (smart phone/tablet hybrid)

It comes w a stylus and I can handwrite stuff onto the phone as I would onto paper. And I have the choice of whether i want it to convert to typed text or to stay in my handwriting. I can handwrite notes and email them to ppl, write stuff on the backs of photos, mark up plans and designs and doodle all thru mtgs (I'm right-brained so I just tend to unconsciously want to do this). And I can jot down information while i'm talking on the phone or surfing or checking my email.

I find those grocery shopping list apps to be so cumbersome...but on this phone, I can just handwrite a list of what i need to buy and it's always with me and can manually cross off or erase stuff as I buy it.

This phone is the best of both words and I am so glad I don't have to mess around w/ sheets of paper and sticky notes that always get lost or big heavy planners. I haven't even writen in my paper journal since I got this phone!

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