My uncle's wife has one of those water machines. If she's going to be away from home for any length of time she brings water with her. During Christmas they stayed at my aunt's house for two nights and she brought a couple of gallons with her. I did not bother to hide my, "Are you f'ing kidding me" look at that one. She swears by it, but then she swears by every single thing that some internet guru talks about. Like, she once spent an hour explaining to me about how dangerous it is to eat fruit after 11am.

pH of 9.5? That's not water. You'd have to add something to it to get it that alkaline.
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Yooo my friend did it for two weeks carrying around jugs of water. After that seminar they gave me and her friend some and we poured it out because we swore they were secretly poisoning us!

I thought it was skeptical, It's the magic of placebo. They pour it in stuff and use a pH dye to compare or some crap and it came out a nice color but sprite was also close and I was like "so I can just drink sprite right?"

This lady said her dog almost died and she gave him the water and he was more alive than ever before.

If it was that magic why doesn't everyone use it? Why is it not mandatory?

Then the woman got mad because I said we have alkaline water in our lab's at my school, and she was like THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE. Yes we do we have a tap that says alkaline water, fool.

The experience felt like the beginning of a horror movie, I gave her a fake name when I left.

It was pretty cray cray that it could brew tea without the water being hot....

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