Family lives "without" money

Can you live without having money? This family says you can...what do you think?

Here's the link to the story:
Should read family lives without choice just to clarify. Still can we make do as a cashless society and completely get rid of the monetary system?

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It seems they are working and bartering instead of working for legal tender.

It's a bit too vagabondish for my taste, but that's more about the constant moving around and switching jobs.

Yeah, money is this big, bad unnecessary waste of time...until you need it. Funny how the story said a couple of times, they did without until this happened and then they caved and spent some money.

i wish i could do this. i am a coushsurfing, dumpsterdiver, and shop at the goodwill.

most of my money goes to student loan repayments, and utilites. I really dont make much money and dont need alot. i grew up poor so i learned to survive on very little. i got even better at it when in college. I couldn't go 100% without mioney in america. I need health insurance, and money to get certains things such as getting education and such. I do get alot of stuff free through dumpster diving, and what folks gives me. but i still need to buy other things. i cant do handme down undies and socks, oh no!! I also wont hitchhike because in this day and age its just not safe, imo.

i know a few people who live this way in america, but it seems real tough and i have too much pride to ask for money if i need help with antibiotics, (a friend recently needed it and had to ask for help). i dont even ask my parents for monetary help. i couldnt go 100% money free, because my pride would get in the way.
I know people who live with very little money, bartering and being very self sufficient. It works well for some people.
But for most it would be hard to give up the newer bigger better iphones every couple years, etc.
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I could if I had to, but if I don't have to, why would I want to?

I agree that sometimes we become too materialistic and obsessed with money for its own sake, but money can open a lot of doors and do a lot of good as well, and I'm not going to deny myself or my family those just for the sake of it.

I think it's a good spiritual discipline to practice simplicity for periods of time or when you can and to think about your consumption and to give to others as much as possible, but this seems a bit extreme for my tastes.
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